The World's Greatest Teachings    
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"I was taken to the Seventh Heaven,' where a mere touch of his finger to my heart, by the Golden Being of Light, transformed me into Golden Light also. I was consumed by Love so unfathomable, that I did not want to return to this Illusion of Life on Earth. His Words permeated my very existence and were indelibly inscribed in my mind"...Karita

"Everything is Love. Love as you have never known it to be. It is the only True Force in all of Creation. Be at One with Me, in Love; and I will raise your thoughts to the height of Truth. I AM the Light of Life in your soul. Let yourself be consumed by the Light of My Love. Let My Words shine like diamonds in the night sky. I give you the Words which will 'Incarnate the Being of Mankind.' You will learn and you will teach and guide others in the same manner, which is from Me...The God Who lives within you. Before the End of Time, (Time as you know it to be), I, Myself, will speak to every man, woman and child on this Earth Plane."


ISBN 09718008-0-4

Karita's New Book:
"The World's Greatest Teachings' by the Christ"

Announcing: "THE WORLD'S GREATEST TEACHINGS" by The Christ and Other Masters and Avatars, Telepathically Communicated To Karita. These "Messages" from the Heavenly Hosts are for all Nations, under God, Indivisible, with urgency and necessary instructions for World Peace.

ISBN 09718008-0-4
Hard Cover Size 6 x 9
Pages 235

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