Nick Bunick does not have the typical background of a spiritual leader. He grew up in one of the poorest cities in the country, a suburb of Boston and attended the University of Florida on a  football scholarship. He then served three years in the military as second in command of 1700 men in an elite unit called Special Troops. Read More

The Medicine Wheel program is a journey of your personal path to power in whatever you do in your life. The rites of passage from the shamanic tradition of the Q’ero indigenous people of Peru will be transmitted to you as they were transmitted to John from his teacher and from John to his assistants. With these rights you will begin to grow the shaman’s medicine body. These rites of passage will inform you how to walk your life in the medicine way – how to walk your life in beauty, which is something our world needs today.

You will find a lot of information that is pouring forth from the Divine Heart and Mind of God in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of this information is not to negate or challenge our present belief systems, but rather, it is designed to enhance what we already know and to expand our wisdom and knowledge through greater levels of clarity and understanding.

For all those who feel guided in their heart to return to the Sacredness of the Order of Melchizedek.

Channeling.Net, your resource of channeled material, includes channeled texts by Emmanuel and archangels Michael and Zadkiel; also offering a spiritual bookshop, channeled readings, esoteric message boards and reciprocal links. Established 1998, and so far visited by 719571 souls.

Visit the CIRCLE OF LIGHT Spiritual Center. We wish to share with you the gift we have received here of MESSAGES FROM GOD to humanity. These Messages assure us that each of us has a SoulMate, a Twin Flame, a true Love with whom we were created. SoulMate Love with our Twin Flame, a personal relationship with God and a heart-centered life of Heaven on Earth are our heritage. We encourage each of you to consciously open your heart to this Love and to deep Love and communion with God*, our beloved Creator, and to say "Yes" to Love at all levels of your being.

Welcome to the heavenly realm of the art and the imagination of Joan Kirk where archangels, guardian angels and hundreds of other angels await you.

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This online bookstore features books published by Independent authors and small press trade book and children’s book publishers. The authors and publishers have spent a significant amount of time and money to insure the final product meets the highest of professional editorial, design and book printing standard.

"Welcome to Our World, Beyond the Yellow Brick Road"


LightStream Productions is a dedicated team joining forces to provide opportunities to raise human consciousness. As we move into the third millennium, there's a renewed focus on all things spiritual. Through our mission and charter, we will enable spiritual messengers to reach audiences ready for learning and, in turn, will provide requested learning opportunities for public and corporate audiences searching for wisdom.

The 'LightStream Network' is a dedicated group of Authors, Lecturers, Musicians, Vendors and Web-sites who are working together to provide you a secure source for information and quality products. also

"Every Book begins with Page One..."
www.pageonelit.comis a 2009 101 Best Websites for Writers!

JudaismThe Wisdom of Salomon
World's Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy.

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) has been called the "sleeping prophet," the "father of holistic medicine," and the most documented psychic of the 20th century. For more than 40 years of his adult life, Cayce gave psychic "readings" to thousands of seekers while in an unconscious state, diagnosing illnesses and revealing lives lived in the past and prophecies yet to come. But who, exactly, was Edgar Cayce? Read More

Sun Spiritualist Church & Camp - Arizona is a Non-Denominational Spiritual Camp. All People are Welcome - Whether You belong to another Church Group / Organization or Not - We invite you to come on out for some Rest & Relaxation, Inspiration, Healing, enjoy the desert & Nature, walk the Labyrinths, Medicine Wheel, spend some time at the Prayer Garden, spend a night/ weekend in the Lodge, go to the Hot Mineral Springs or go to the Farmers Markets nearby or even just let Your Hair down and enjoy time with Like Minded people here at the Camp.!

Spiritual Healing for Humanity... where all your needs are taken care of. Here you will find spiritual healing services: reiki, crystal skull therapy, meditations, essential oils, organic health care for the skin and environment, animal reiki, and animal essential oils & health care. Spiritual Teachings with Jesus the Christ, Mother Mary, and the Brotherhood of Light.

Psychic Radio, Holistic Radio
Spiritual and Self Improvement Talk Radio
"Free Radio - Priceless Information"

Ranked in the top 1% of web sites world wide, Achieve Radio was the First Web Talk Radio Station devoted to Psychic Radio, Self Improvement, Health, Spiritual and Holistic Programming. Join us on our journey of self discovery, self improvement and self empowerment. Get Angel Readings, Psychic Readings and Medium Readings from some of the top Psychics and readers in the field. We are your best choice for psychic talk radio listening. Learn from the top teachers in the spiritual field. Get breaking alternative and holistic health news from the people who are making the news. With our 24/7 live streams and thousands of hours of archived talk radio shows and podcasts, available instantly worldwide, Achieve Radio is also a technology leader in internet radio broadcasting. Now 6 years young, Achieve Radio is what talk radio Should Be. Get Empowered!

We are Emissaries of The Brotherhood of Light serving Mankind from other Planetary Existences of Higher Intelligences in other Dimensions of Life. We bring messages of Truth, Love, Peace and Harmony to aid in the raising of the Consciousness of Humanity for the purpose of The Ascension of Earth and Mankind.

World Global Express and The World's Greatest Teachings bring you Messages From The Beyond from The Servers Of All. These uplifting messages are Ancient Wisdoms and New Concepts For Man's Growth in his Sojourn of Life's Path in the Planet Earth's School of Learning. 'The World's Greatest Teachings' are in our hearts and minds. We just forgot to remember them.

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The Souls of Humanity
"The time has come for us to look at Our lives and the way we treat our Fellow citizens on earth and our Beautiful planet. ; To fulfil our true Spiritual destiny and achieve our Life's mission it's now time to face Our shadow and heal. & The power of the Holy Mother Spirit is here for everyone.  Open your hearts and forgive.  This eternal energy is for ALL CITIZENS of Earth. She is reaching out and will be with you when you call to her."



Angel Valley Spiritual Retreat Center, Sedona, AZ
Spiritual Retreat Center hosts spiritual and health conscious groups and individuals. 70-acre setting on Oak Creek with creekside guesthouses, cabins, and luxury tipis. Our 1100 sq ft building for meeting space, yoga and workshops, our historic Light House for meditation and numerous healing modalities, a 7-circuit labyrinth, indiv idualized vortex experiences and much more. (



Wellness Effect - Phoenix, AZ (602) 687-9477
Dr. Renee Waldman, with Debbie and David Johnstone invite you to come relax at Wellness Effect.
20624 North Cave Creek Rd. Suite 141 Phoenix, Arizona   85024

Wellness Effect has combined age old wisdom of the past with cutting edge technology of today’s research in wellness. Through the health benefits derived from ancient practices such as yoga, meditation and the martial arts, the body's physiology responds in wondrous ways. The application of specific frequencies of color and the resulting health benefits are widely recognized throughout many medical specialties and within research communities. The synergistic effect of combining the elements of sound, color, light and aroma to elicit beneficial results to health is the wave of the future.

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