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'THE WORLD'S GREATEST TEACHINGS' by the Christ and and Other Master and Avatars,  telepathically communicated to Karita, is for all the World, and is given with urgency and necessary instructions for Peace. Karita's  experiences and visions of Past, Present and Future, with God and Angelic Light Beings, bring you into the living, beating Heart of Creation (God) and the Cosmos all around us.

Born with the Gift of traveling OOB, communicating with higher Dimensions of Life, Karita is commissioned by God to deliver "The Words That Will Incarnate The Being Of Mankind." Truth revealed: 'God in/as Man.'

Heaven’s Hosts, Angels and our God-Given Companions are working with Emissaries of Peace, Light and Love the world over, to restore Heaven on Earth. Karita is a new author, taught by God and  by the Masters. The World’s Greatest Teachings is gracefully submitted to all people of Earth, of all nations, under God, indivisible; for we are all one family.


The Spiritual Hierarchy has chosen Karita as a "Special Emissary" between God and Man, Heaven and Earth. She travels thru the Tunnel of The White Light to bring down 'The Spoken Word of God' to Humanity. The words in this book contain Universal Frequency Vibrations of Divine Love sent from Heaven to cover the Earth and all of its inhabitants. God has a Divine Plan that is Universal and it is being implemented even as you read these words. There is HOPE for the World in this Plan. Mankind is to discover his Divinity. Karita has agreed to speak of this Love so unfathomable, that Mankind will want to forget the 'Illusion of Life' on Earth and enter into the Kingdom of God within, on Earth as it is in Heaven, as was promised to us. The Son of The Father has asked Karita to help Him feed all of His hungry children, and in His own Words: "We will feed them together, and they will be consumed by The Light of My Love. (T)His Light must cover the Earth."

Earth's  destined course was to have done a Pole Shift on May 5, 2000 A.D.  Angels from Heaven in their ships of Light, stationed themselves between the  planet Pluto and our Sun. The planetary alignment was to have emitted such a powerful energy pull, that the planet Vulcan would have been birthed from the Sun and all planets in our system would have moved up one orbit. The Earth would have flipped on its axis as it has done five times before.

There is another, more powerful planetary alignment soon to come. Earth has been given an Extension of Time so that its inhabitants may complete their destined courses of Life in The Divine Plan. People from other planetary systems are benevolent to Mankind. We are not alone in this Universe of many Universes. Crop Circles are Messages from other people from other planets. They will soon be discovered in Arizona.

As you read this book, you will be filled with a new kind of Love that will lift your heart in Light and Peace. Your Illusion will be shattered as you enter The Reality. You will know how much you are loved.

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"And I in my Wisdom shall come to thee, to feed thee the Words that thou hast forgotten.”

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Karita's New Book:
"The World's Greatest Teachings' by the Christ"
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ISBN 09718008-0-4
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