Clouds cover the Earth like musical notes on the staff of Life! Play a new song! Enjoy the music and the sounds. Bring forth the hymns of Love, of All That Is and ever shall be! Notes play up and down the scale enjoying their flight; making music for the soul. The Peace within. The sounds of the Master are the beauty, the oneness, the glory! Sounds of the Aloha! Shalom, Peace, Love! Genuine Love!

Genuine Love is universal, impersonal, and unconditional. Love is the Cohesive Force of Attraction that binds all things together in the Universe. Be all that you can be. Love and be Loved. The cup of Love is a reservoir in the heart. It is filled to the overflowing. Drink from this cup of Love and be filled. Taste of the Goodness of God and share your Love. This is the Love that is Eternal! It is the spark of the Eternal Flame of God! We all own it, for it is our Divine Heritage.  


Remember that you are loved without condition. Remember that there is none greater than anyone else regardless of their title, for God has created all of us equal. Remember Jesus, The Christ. He had not degrees or titles of great prominence, yet he is remembered throughout history for thousands of years and time eternal. We all are created in his image and likeness. He is Human and Divine and so are we. We just forgot to remember our Divine Self, so we let our Human Nature take over. It is time to remember who we truly are, where we came from and where we are going. We were created out of Love and we will always carry that Divine Spark of Love within our hearts. We are Human AND Divine!  

Looking Ahead

Beautiful people...We have so much to look forward to. Man in his wildest dreams and furthest imagination cannot fathom the things that await him. We only need to remember and to look within our own hearts. All the information we need is in our minds. As Humans, we are a collective consciousness for this world we live in. Let us work, play and think for and about one another, sharing and caring with love. We can make this a beautiful world again. Peace begins within ourselves, each and everyone of us. When we are at peace and in Love, we can give these gifts to others. The Light of Love will shine in every heart and peace will be in every mind. Our world will be at peace and the Light of Love will shine in and through this Earth. Our World will be known as "The New Land Of Love."  Blessings to all.
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