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Higher Orders of Light and Love


The Eagles and Doves are gathering the messages from everywhere,
 combining the communications and disseminating Cosmic information,
creating the common bond of O
neness in All That Is.

Prepare yourselves for transmissions and encounters with the Messengers
of Light and Life from other realms, connecting through subatomic sources.
Change your visions, change your perception and view all things through the eyes of Love.

The Age of Light comes like a quickening to each individual. Know what is in motion!
Rise to the occasion!

Who Are The Brothers of Light?

The Brotherhood of Light are Beings from other Dimensions of Light and other planetary experiences who have been with all Mankind since millions upon millions of years ago. They have come forth to dedicate their Light Beings, their whole experience, to help beings of lower densities of Light; like Earthlings. They have been helping Earthlings ever since and even before they came into the Third Orbit. For millions of years they have been helping peoples of this Third Dimension of Light; not only here upon Earth, but into thousands of other Quadrants of the Cosmos that they help with.

They travel through Light. They are flesh bodies such as the Earth Plane people, being flesh bodies. They are of a higher dimensional vibration and are invisible to Man's naked eye. They are flesh beings. The Brothers of Light are of the highest and purest form of Intelligence ... completed souls who are aiding God in both the etheric and physical realms. Some of these souls have willingly returned to physical form to open the world to enlightenment, wisdom and knowledge. Enlightened souls are bringing forth Truth and Reality to the world.

The greatest events in the history of Mankind are now taking place, not only on this Earth plane, but in all realms of life and time as we know it. Great Teachings are  being given to many in dreams and during prayer or meditation. Some are received in the form of thought transference or mental conversations. Others experience thought projections and visions. Children, in their imaginary playtime are experiencing other dimensions.

Now is the time for the 'lifting of the veils', that we might receive the wisdom and knowledge of our Divine Inheritance...The Kingdom of God Within...on Earth as it is in Heaven.

More About The Brothers of Light

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A Message From Heaven On November 4, 2002


The Brotherhood of Light... Click on an image for full size!

Read Messages from the Brotherhood of Light


For more messages from the Brotherhood of Light, visit www.ServersOfAll.com

Ashlem, Known as 'Golden Image', Accesses your Akashic Records (Past Lives) for the Purpose of Soul Growth and knowing your Self, Past, Present &Future, (Psychic Artist -Eva Illes)
Ashtar, Commander in Chief with Sananda, Winged V Fleet of Ships, Intergalactic Command - (Cover Artwork from Book  by Tuella).
Mary, Mother of Jesus, Mother of The World, Mother of Humanity, Blessed BVM, (Artist - Velvalee).
Our other Brothers and Sisters of The Brotherhood of Light (Artist - Celaya Winkler)
Jesus, aka Sananda, Son of God, World Saviour - (Unknown- Picture from Sacred Heart Monastery).
Aleph, Space Commander.
Archangel Gabriel, Heralder of the New Age.
Archangel Lord Michael, Archangel of the Blue Ray, Yielder of the Brilliant Blue Flaming Torch.
Ballerian, Space Ship Inventor, Mechanic and Pilot, Will Help Earth Build space Craft.
Cha-ara, Ascended Master of Precipitation and Longevity, Creator of First Rose on Earth.
El Morya, Chohan of the First Ray, Head of The Great White Brotherhood.
Esola, Perfector of Space Craft, Master of Magnetics, Commander of Star Ship no. 77
Hatonn, Record Keeper for the Galaxy, Planet by his Name where Records are kept.
Helios, God of The 'Sun'.
  Hilarion - Chohan of the Fifth Ray. The Emerald Green Healing Ray of the Cosmos 
Kla-La -   Messenger from The Alliance of Galaxies of outer space
Korton, Director of Space Communications, Commander of Space Ship called 'Rainbow'. Foresees accelerated use of Mental Telepathy.
Kumad, Ancient Record Keeper and Scribe for Earth, Interpreter of Ancient Tablets & Scrolls.
Kuthumi, World Teacher - also known as Pythagoras, One of the Three Wisemen, also was St. Francis of Assisi, Builder of the Taj Mahjal.
Lady Clarion, from the Planet Clarion, A High Expression of The Love Principle, here to aid Earth during its Changeover.
Lord Guatama, The Buddha, Lord of the World.
  Lord Maitreya, aka Lord Divino, was Shri Krishna &Author of the Bhagavad Gita.
  Love Star, Personification of Love from the Teton Retreat.
  Merku, Space Captain of a Fleet of Ships, from the Planet Alcorn Monitoring Earth.
  Mon-Ka, Protector of Planet Earth, Portrayed as Viracocha of Inca Civilization.
  Serapis Bey, Mighty Seraphim from the Great Central Sun, Chohan of the Fourth Ray (White), Guardian of the Ascension Flame.
  Soltec, Space Ship Commander, Sun Technician and Scientist.
  St. Germaine, Champion of America, Dispenser of The Violet Transmuting Flame.
  Sutko, Space Detective, Keeper of Cosmic Law, Universal Traveler.
  Universal Mother Mary, 'Goddess of Motherhood'.
Voltra, Space Psychologist.
Zoser, Ancient King of Egypt, God of Healing, Builder of First Step Pyramid, Has Etheric Temple of Healing.  
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