Souls of Humanity
Painting by Velvalee
Love and Peace

Lovely Lady dressed in blue, Teach me how to pray!
God was just your Little Boy, Tell me what to say!
Did you lift Him up, sometimes, Gently on your knee?
Did you sing to Him the way Mother does to me?
Did you hold His hand at night? Did you ever try...
Telling stories of the World? O! And did He cry?
Do you really think he cares, If I tell Him things-
Little things that happen? And do the Angels' wings...
Make a noise? And can He hear Me if I speak low?
Does He understand me now? Tell me-for you know?
Lovely Lady dressed in blue, Teach me how to pray!
God was just your Little Boy; And you know the way.
by Lourene Altieri 1948



Message From Jesus on October 20, 2005

"Thru the Force of Life and all things that occur, I AM with you in Spirit. I AM with you in Flesh as you are with I, in Spirit and Flesh, and we together shall know things. As I spread Myself thru the Wings of Time thru the Earth at this Time, for all creatures and all Beings; I give My Love totally and fully for all People of this Life, that you may know of your Greater Spirit. It is My Message that I come to thee at this time for.
Do not worship I.  Let I be your friend; a friend of Grace and Understanding of Love, and that is what it is about. 

I do not care for people to worship I, Jesus; for I did not come to Earth in flesh to be worshipped; but I come to bring a Message...'Love comes within that Force of Creation.'

Do thee understand?"

Lourene : "Yes, I do."
Jesus: " Then let it be so of this Time... Peace."


A Message To The World

From Blessed Mother Mary and Ashlem

September 13, 2001


   A beautiful white light appears. Images are forming in the white Light. Beautiful Angels appear. A parade of Angels is going across a blue sky. They are singing angelic music passing over what looks like a horizon. They are going upwards to clouds that have formed. The clouds have a Sliver Light within them. The Angels seem to disappear up into the clouds. Now the clouds invade the White Light and blend with it and there is nothing but White Light.

   Now a violet light appears in the center of the picture forming an oval shape as it expands. The Blessed Virgin Mary is standing in that beautiful oval shape of violet light.  Now white doves appear and they are flying everywhere. The beautiful Forest of Life appears and in front of it, Mary stands upon The White Rock of Truth and Purity. How beautiful everything is!

   Before Mary appears a beautiful Golden Flame; a flame like a candle flame that flickers only at the top. It expands, softens and diminishes. Ashlem is standing in that Golden Flame. He is wearing a beautiful white robe; his robe of Simplicity.

   The Angels are appearing once again, singing. Each Dove seems to be an Angel.

   Mary is holding in her hand, the beautiful White Rose of The Christ.  She smells the White Rose and she begins to speak as Golden Words come forth. Mary speaks to Karita and her words say:

        "And blessed art thee among women as always, for your Truth is your Purity and your Purity is your Truth, and your Light is the brightest of all. Let The Christ Within thee find the Peace that comes from within, for the Father lyeth along with thee of The Light of Truth. I come before thee, saddened at this time, as you understand the saddening of Life. What has come forth at this time is that which I have given to the girls in the field of Fatima, that thee may understand the Truth. They did not publish these things to people, but I come forth now and I weep, as many are weeping with me, for it has begun; the saddening of the Life of Man on Earth. Earth is not the only place in the Cosmos. There are many planets just like Earth throughout the Cosmos in different Vibrations of Light. But we are here to serve at this time, the Humanoids. Why is it that they must fight with each other? Why is it that they must disrupt their Courses of Evolution of Life?  I do not know the answers. Only The Father knows and that Father lies Within, for each to come forth at this time. My Blessed one, I have come so often to thee, I will forever and forever be with thee. I hold your Christ Rose and keep it for thee and we shall never forget it."

   Mary steps forward and hands Ashlem the beautiful White Rose, and the Angels sing beautiful songs as Mary disappears. Ashlem has accepted the White Rose.  He smells it. He does not have his usual smile on his face. He sits down on the White Rock in a Lotus position. Beside Ashlem appears Michael the Archangel, and Gabriel on the other side. They have come as White Doves. They stand with Ashlem towering above him as he sits on the White Rock. He bows his head and wishes to speak thru Robert, and Robert gives him permission.

   Ashlem speaks:  "I am Ashlem, known as Golden Image. I say to thee, 'Hail'. For years and years and years of Time and years of experiences of the Earth Plane Man has never learned his lesson yet about Peace and where it begins within him, Mankind as a whole. But soon they will learn their lessons within and they who are righteous shall find the Father, as I have shown unto thee, Karita. For The Doves of Peace rise forth into the sky and Angels are Angels and they who have served here upon earth for this terrible experience, they are Angels who have come forth, for they shall find they will be released from their obligation of flesh. Blessed be they who forfeit their lives that others may live. It is so. They sit with the Father on His right hand at this time. Now there are many questions I will answer for thee. Please begin."

        Karita:  "Thank you, Ashlem. Thank you for being with us at this time, and we are all saddened. I would like to  ask  you if all the Secrets of Fatima have been revealed yet or are there more?"

        Ashlem:  "There are still more to come."

         Karita:  "Will they ever be released?"

        Ashlem:  "I doubt it."

        Karita:   "What can we do about this?"

        Ashlem:   "Nothing."

        Karita:   "Couldn't they be given to someone else?"

        Ashlem:   "Probably if they were given to someone else, people may say" 'would they be valid?'"

        Karita:   " Well, if they were given to someone else like myself, I could get them  on the Internet."

        Ashlem:   "Could...but would they be valid?"

        Karita:   "There would be some people who would listen."

        Ashlem:  "Very few. The government of the churches has kept those Secrets, do thee understand; when the Seals should have been opened. Mary does not worry about this anymore because it has already begun. It is time for Man  to see God Within, The Final Force of Life, foe what I have said before, ARMAGEDDON is coming forth now. We did not know how or when it was to begin, but now we do know, do we not? All we knew before was that it shall be with the Arab Nations. Yet there is Time remaining and maybe there is an opportunity for Peace, thru prayers, to bring forth the Peace of the Arab Nations. But they have been praying for this for over 4,000 years, yet they have not consumed of their own self. What is happening here now is the Prelude to Armageddon. Ye call it "WORLD WAR THREE". It now depends upon whether your government and other governments alike do not make any mistakes.  ONE LITTLE MISTAKE WILL CAUSE A NUCLEAR WAR. The forces are binding forth and gathering together. They are the Forces of Negativity gathering to storm upon the Dove of Peace. There is nothing we can do but pray. Are there more questions?"

        Karita:  "Yes. Is the Dove of Peace the United States?"

        Ashlem:  "Has it not been so?"

        Karita:   "Yes. Tomorrow there is a National Day of Prayers for Peace, and much e-mail will be flying across the internet in this regard. They are speaking of Peace and Prayer and uniting for this purpose. Inwardly, I felt they should not be opened yet."

        Ashlem:   "BEWARE of the dove that comes forth that is a Raven - in your internet; do thee understand?"

        Karita:   "Should I not open those e-mails?"

        Ashlem:  "If ye know who they are from, and if they are open class e-mail, it is alright. Ye know the message within them and the message is one of Love, Peace and Happiness, is it not so? Then why jeopardize your computers? This is an opportune time for the RAVEN. Are there more  questions? Ye are wondering when ye see all this destruction going on in America, ye were worried about all these Souls were thee not? Stop and think. It has been a splitting effect. Why would you think this has not affected you in the mannerism of your recent two day illness? Let it go.. Say, 'Father, give to them Peace. Let Love come into their hearts here, do thee understand? Bring Peace of Life for them all. Do not frighten yourself."

        Karita:   "Just before the 9/11 attack I had a vision of the glorious Universal Sign of The Christ, splitting down the middle with a crooked line and then it shattered and I saw it fall to pieces. That is what frightened me."

        Ashlem:   "A separating symbol. What is it separating from?"

        Karita:   "Separating from the Negativity?"

        Ashlem:   "Aye. Mary has shown thee, that all these souls are now Angels, sitting at the right hand of the Father. If we knew where the aggressors would strike next, we could print it and send it to the world.  Who can say what is on the mind of negative ones except that their energy raises forth negativity into all ways and it goes out into the Cosmos? Then one would have to sift out each of those thought patterns to find what it is about and this is an  impossible task. But I say to thee to pay attention to what they are doing. Government has spies here and there who risk their lives daily, just to be near those peoples. They will report whatever they can and whenever they can for the next operation. They knew there was going to be a large strike, but could not find when. Now they know. They will be using missiles and germ warfare within three years,, it is believed at this time. It is not created in stone. The Brotherhood of Light will not step in. It is interfering. Good people will not have to worry. If they are good, God is within them. If they are good, they have not Karma. The good ones will be with God. Do they have to suffer? It could be for a millisecond. I again remind thee - it is the fire that tempers the steel and makes it strong! Pray for your children. Give the little children Love and give them Happiness. Ye can do no more."

        Karita:   "The Souls that were in these airplanes, I feel have found their Peace. I immediately sent the prayer up and asked them to step into the Light of God."

         Ashlem:   "It was heard!"

        Karita:   "In a vision, I saw many of these Souls as Angels."

        Ashlem:   "Did we not just show thee the Angels rising forth? This was they!"   (9/11 victims)

        Karita:   "Are there Lightworkers in our government now?"

        Ashlem:   "Most certainly. They have been bringing forth goodness for a long period of time, but ye have not recognized it. There are good people and not so good people in your government. Do not say they are bad. Just mistaken, do thee understand? The election was to be a peaceful movement, but now what is happening...the negative forces are taking over. More in consciousness, because there were a few negative manipulations of ballots in the voting.   It will be reversed in four to eight years. We do not know who it will be then. Just pray for Peace, right here in your heart. That is the important thing. It may be possible there will be a lady president. But I have said to thee, you will know what is ARMAGEDDON in three years. Everything is shaky is it not so? Is not the Blue Light the Light of balancing? Then ye must understand, the 'blue turban' represents emotion and emotion is of the head. Could it be that what thee call the 'Antichrist' is merely an emotion of mind?

        "If ye want to supplement your tables, you need to grow food in your yards. Many foods have already been irradiated. Get pure seeds. Learn how to purify water. Waters may be polluted. Sterilize water, boil it and aerate from one container to another. It collects air in cooling as it is aerated. Oxygen is sucked into the water that way and is better than just letting it sit to cool. Let thy energy be peaceful upon thee at this time. Ye must serve yourself also."

        Karita:   " Will I be going forth to heal people again?"

        Ashlem:   "Whenever thee wish. Ye have never stopped have thee? go forth and do your work. It is not necessary for me to tell you of these things. It is only necessary for thee to realize your force of Healing. As ye walk here into the Light, let Peace be your way. Michael the Archangel and Gabriel attend thee. In the Light, Mary comes forth and carries your White Rose of The Christ and the Angels sing your praises at this time for thee to understand the fulfillment of your own life; but only thee can do these things. Ye must speak these things that are in your heart. Ye are working on your book at the computer and we understand. This is a flow of energy that we need for you to continue to do at this time, as your book will become open at this time and then you will be busy going here and there, talking to peoples and lecturing and so forth. Walk into the Light. Peace be unto thee. I take my leave."

My book, "The World's Greatest Teachings" is now available thru this website.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace.
Jimi Hendrix

Blessings of Peace, Light and Love to You.






"Speaking of Man...
And so shall he feel the beat of thunder and power!"

"Man desires conquest of others, to conquer each other,
yet he cannot conquer him/her Self within.
The power of weapons does nothing but shatter the flesh."
It is not the flesh you are conquering, but a setting of the
Spirit into unlimited Freedom.
So what have you gained by shattering the flesh body?


The flesh body is a Creation of The Father and is the Divine Vibration
of Light, designed by The Creator. The Creator of All Things.

The Power of your Mind is the God Power Within you;
Within your living, beating, DIVINE HEART!"


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