Earth Changes


FROM  2010  TO 2012

Rev. Bob speaks: 

March 13, the year 2,010.   I ask Ashlem to digress for us people the Knowledge that he would know about the Earth Changes coming in the years from 2,010 to 2,012.  Earth Changes. This is what I have asked Ashlem to do and we are going to do that.   

I ask God if he will place His Light around all the people in this Chapel and myself, that only God’s Truth will exist between all the people in this Chapel and myself.  I ask Ashlem my Master Teacher, to come forth and digress for these people, that information that will be valuable and pertinent to them in the sense of Earth Changes between 2,010 and 2,012.  We ask this in Peace and Love. 

I see a pinpoint of Light.  Beautiful bright White Light emanating from the center of the picture, expanding.  Now a pinpoint of pink light appears in the center of the picture and it is expanding.  Now a pinpoint of violet light expands in the center of the pink light, and the colors of the Rainbow are coming from the center out, radiating beautiful, bright magnificent colors. It spreads horizontally like a horizon; a magnificent horizon.  Separation from the upper portion to the lower portion.  It is a magnificent sunrise!  A beautiful sunrise, radiating specks of Light in all directions that seem to reflect those Rainbows.  Beautiful!   

I seem to be standing on a cliff as the sun rises above.  Strange is... I can look directly into the sun and not be afraid.  I see the sun’s flares. It rises quickly above the horizon.  I’ve never seen this before. Still the affect of clouds of hues of purple and reds and orange and yellow seem to flicker.  Even now it softens.  A Rainbow takes place over the sun.  It forms a tunnel of light.  Standing on this cliff, I feel energy running, pulling me towards that Rainbow wormhole.  I come to the mouth of it.  I have been thru this before, many times.  It flows greatly.  I move along swiftly.  The colors begin to blend with each other, as I pass here and there.  Then at the end of the tunnel, I can see a beautiful white Light.  I exit the tunnel of Light.  I  Am in a Magnificent Room that I have been in before called The Golden Hall of Wisdom and Knowledge.  It is where I see my Akashics.   

I look upon the wall but it is hard to determine whether there is a wall there or not.  There are pictures. I look at the pictures.  They begin to move.   My Life!  It is a circular, large circular room.  Alabaster white.  I look up at the ceiling, but there is no ceiling, but I know there is a ceiling.  And same with the floor.  There is a floor, but you can’t see the floor. 

People are gathering.  Entities, Spirits just appearing thru the walls, filling the place. Brothers and Sisters of The Brotherhood of Light.  There is Monka, and  Ashtar, Voltar , Korton, Senfar, Hilarion, many of the Brothers, Sisters, Stephanie, Cochisa, Galiana, Dianna.  Those are the ones I am familiar with.  The place is being filled with Spirit.  And now comes the Blessed Virgin Mary along with the Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, filling the picture here.  In the center of this room, there is a crystal pedestal that stands above the floor.  On that pedestal there is a huge Book.  A very large Book. The leaves are etched in gold around it.  Behind that pedestal, appears and very fulfilling.  It grows in size and intensity.  Always Ashlem is standing in that flame. Ashlem is wearing his beautiful white robe of Simplicity, expressing that everything in Life to become more simplified.  He has a beautiful smile upon his face and his eyes twinkle and the flame goes out.  Ashlem stands, bows his head in Meditation. Then he bows his head to the people 360 degrees around as he turns.  He comes back.  The Great Book is closed.  He raises his hand over the Great Book.  It opens. Pages filter thru.  Can see the date.  The year 2,010.  He turns a page.  The year 2,011.  On the other page, 2,012. He makes another page.  It is blank!  Ashlem bows his head and wishes to speak thru.  I give my permission. 

Ashlem speaks: 

“I AM Ashlem known as Golden Image. I say to thee all ‘Hail’ of this Time of Life coming forth.  Once again I have been asked if I will teach the People of Earth different things that are happening on the Earth Plane.  But I do not prophesize of things that are to come, so I have talked to the Brothers and Sisters of The Brotherhood of Light, who are Monka and Ashtar  of the Ashtar Command of the Venusian Command of Monka.  They have been studying Earth and its throes of this Time.  Outside of your Plane, into a Dimension of their own, are many, many space craft as you call of them.  Mother Ships you call them.  And they are there assembled already in their Vibration of Light.  You cannot see them; could only pass thru them.  But they have been there for a long time, for the coming forth of this Period of Time of Life.  People have said to Ashlem. “Is the World going to end in 2,012?”   And I say to them, “Nay!  It is not going to end in 2,012.  How do you know that it is going to end into 2,012?”  

Let us study these things of cataclysmic changes from different Times of Life upon this Earth Plane.  (Ashlem/Robert has stopped.)  Please turn the timer on.  Of this Time of Life of Being, to express of this Time of Grace of the things that are coming forth; Wisdom and Knowledge upon all Creation.  Your Brothers and Sisters of The Brotherhood of Light have been monitoring your Earth for millions of years.  They  taught Early Man how to make fire.  They taught Early Man how to do many different things.  Taught them the rudimentaries of making tools.  Man on Earth are blessed at this Time of Being.  But all good things do come to an end as it is said.  Right now at this Period of Time, that Race called Mayan Indians, who we, The Brothers of Light, worked with eons of Time ago, as Man calls Time.  Remember that Time is only upon Earth.  There is no Time in Space or in Spirit.    But Man has to measure things, so he has created Time for that measurement of Being.  So we coincide with this so we can express to thee of certain times. Here upon Earth is coming forth many destructions.   

The Brotherhood of Light has been monitoring that line that is called ‘San Andreas Fault’  which runs thru the United States which you are mostly aware of and concerned about of this Time of Being.  Yes, it has recently slipped into its Southern Area.  It shall go again further South and there shall be great disturbances, even into the region called New Zealand, shall it shake. Then come around also again into the Philippines causing great disturbances.  Tokyo will have great devastation, tho they have been wise enough to build some of their buildings stronger.  But the old countries of time built by stone and brick and so forth of Italy, they will crumble.  There is a place called Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the ocean, (near Japan).  It is now specially opening up to allow the Magma from the center of the Earth to come forth to super heat the water, causing what you call today, world... global warming.  It is so at this Time and you cannot stop this.  It is gone too far.  The Brotherhood of Light has been monitoring it. 

The Pole Shift was to have come in the year 2000, but The Brotherhood of Light stopped that from coming.  So to give Mankind, thee, upon this Earth Plane, Time, that you may complete your Course of Destiny with Love and Dignity.  I have spoken to thee of the Time that you call of New Year’s Eve.   But Universal, Impersonal Love is the most important thing that you may understand of this Life.  That is Caring and Sharing for everyone.  Loving your brethren.  Do this and you will be lifted by what you call The Rapture’.  It has been done five times before by the Brotherhood of Light in the Earth Changes that have been before this Time of Being.  They are there now with their ships, outside of your atmosphere of the Earth, waiting for the time to come forth.  In a twinkling of an eye, as it is written into your Book they shall appear and set forth their instruments that will lift thee if you are filled with Universal, impersonal Love, a Special Vibration.  If you are not filled with Universal, Impersonal Love, you will be left behind.  So it is up to thee whether you are going to be lifted with the ‘Rapture’ or not.  Not I Ashlem or any of The Brotherhood.  It is that simple.  

But to continue on, you have to see about Earth Changes at this Time.  There shall be great devastationNow this is not negative.  Let us call it ‘a Warning.’  not a negative happening.  Percentage wise, whether it is to come or not, I do not know what the percentage is, or whether it will come or not, but The Brotherhood of Light have been monitoring all of the Earth Changes and all of the facets and fissures of Earth and their great Tectonic Plates as it is called and their movement; especially the Pacific and the North American Plate that rub together violently on that line you call San Andreas.  It has slipped and Haiti was destroyed.  It has slipped again, and again cities destroyed.  It will continue.  I am sorry.  Earth is changingMan’s negativity upon the of Earth has caused a great rift into many things of Vibration. 

 You think your thoughts are not important, but I say to thee, those thoughts that you have are great, whether they are good thoughts or bad thoughts, positive  or negative.  They are thoughts and thoughts are things. I have said many years ago, “Change your thoughts and you will change your Life.  If you change it to negativity, you shall feel the negativity.  If you change your thoughts to positive thinking and love, you shall feel that and be part of it.”   Which do you choose at this Time of Being?   

The Mayan Race of Indians were very wise people and they were taught by The Brotherhood of Light how to ‘predict’ as you call ‘the future’.  It is not a prophesy,  it is a happening that is upon the Earth Plane and their great real calendar as you call of it, is in the year you call 2.012. 

In researching in that Period of Time of the Mayans, you will find that they also had a reason for stopping at the Time of the year 2,012.  They did not say the Earth is going to end, they said the calendar of that nature is going to end, because  of this and the sun to the year 2012, approximately, I say approximately, December 21.  There shall be a solar eclipse.  And Venus, at the same time,  finding its eclipse around the sun, will be between the Sun and the Earth.  Called The Venus Solstice. This doesn’t happen for many, many, many thousands of years, but it is coming to pass now.  And they knew of this.  The Brotherhood of Light knew of this and they taught them well about the movement of the Astral Bodies of this time of Being.  This is what the Mayan Calendar had said.  We shall go on to a greater degree. 

The Brotherhood of Light has been monitoring your Pacific Rim of Fire.  They could not say definitely when this is going to occur and that is going to occur.  Only a fool will say that.  Because Mother Earth is shrinking.  That means the oceans are coming down and the Earth is getting smaller while other places are getting wider into their being.  This is opening up the trenches into the Pacific Ocean.  And everyone knows , I believe, about ‘global warming’ they call of it. What is the purpose of it?  The warm water goes Northward to where it is cooled down by the Glaciers there and it comes back and drops heavier into the oceans and causes The Earth ocean waves in this Time of Being.  There are going to be greater storms than you have never seen before in all the History of Mankind upon Earth, including America.  Everywhere upon Earth it shall occur in these Times of Being.  You shall see what you call ‘Super Hurricanes’  storms.  I have said a long time ago that even your Florida will be devastated by Great ocean or great storms to come forth.  That is still pending.

The San Andreas Fault, we have said, and everyone is looking for it in California, they call ‘The Big One’.  They don’t even have an idea of what ‘The Big One’ is.  It is sad, my friends, to know that Humans who are bound to the Earth Plane of Material Plane, and are there to give their Life for it.  And they will.  In the region you call Long Beach, California, when the ground begins to vibrate, the Earth will turn to water and the buildings will sink into the sea; because most of it is Landfill, not creation of the Earth’s mantle of this Time of Being.  These are the things that will occur, soon to come forth upon Earth.   

Earthquake into the area of Los Angeles is imminent.  When, I do not  know.  It will shake into the North again!  Into Alaska it will shake also.  Vesuvius will come alive  like a roaring Lion very soon.  This is what The Brotherhood of Light has been watching very carefully.  Your  Hawaiian volcanoes have become more active already.  And into the Philippines, the great volcanoes there will come alive again.  Mount  Pelee in the Marianas  will blow its top again.  This is coming probably in the next three years as you call of Time.  

Earth is changing.  Is man is changing? Have you found what you are going to be doing in Life?

Have you found... You are going to live here.  If that Great Earthquake takes place, you may be lifted by The Rapture You may not.  And many who are called Teachers and Peacemakers will remain on Earth because their Mission is not yet filled to help  those who are not able to help themselves! That is what the Teaching Attitude is about.  It is why thee, People here, are assembled in this blessed place, that you may know of these things to come forth.  

Surrounding thee into these buildings here are many, many, many entities.  You cannot see them. But they are there.  You can feel their energy of Love and Peace unto thee and that is their preciousness of Time.  Krakatowa, destroyed beautiful cities at the Ancient Time when it exploded and sank below the sea.  But it has arisen again.  The region you call of Northern California, called Lassen region and areas is becoming active.  It has been, you say, smoldering for a long time and as The Ring of Fire continues to etch itself  Northward, with the pressures of the San Andreas Fault, will cause these disturbances to come forth.  It may be a caldera explosion, but  yet worse than ever before.

The beautiful area you call Yellowstone, a vast area of wilderness and phenomena according to Mankind, coming from the center of the Earth; is building up stronger and bubbling up greater.  The Brotherhood of Light has been watching it for a long period of Time as you call  Time.  It has not exploded in 600,000 (six hundred thousand) years.  They say “It is due!”  Could it be that it will change the Earth?  But what has Man done about it?  Has Mankind changed their attitude? They run in fear, which is negative.  Has it expanded putting forth Universal Love towards each other and Caring and Sharing about each other?. That is the Force of Re – Creation upon this Earth Plane at this Time of Being to express of it.  In thy Holy Book says many things that ’God will rain upon Earth the fire and brimstone.’


Earth has been hit by what you call ‘meteors’ throughout the centuries of Being. And it shall come to pass again where they will come forth, for the meteor field is ready to aim disturbances towards America and also this Earth.  But Man has intelligence now to be able to sway it off with their Atomic Fusion; they think. 

The Brotherhood of Light, had, since the year 2000, where they put nine vessels called ‘Mother Ships’ and put a force field between your great Planet Jupiter and your Sun, and stopped a force field of Magnetic Energy where it was to cause a Pole Shift and a new planet called Vulcan to be born, that is still in the Cradle Orbit of the Sun gathering more energy from the Sun.

The Mayan Calendar is telling you my friends; they are worshippers of the Sun.  Is it not so?  Why?  Because they know that the Sun is the Salvation of Humankind upon this Earth Planet.  Look around thee at your technical electronic awareness at this Time of Being.  What are they doing here?  Ye are working upon things called computers, highly advanced, but the Government has even greater ones that you have not even heard of yet.  All done thru electronics.  

What you don’t know, that they do know is that the Earth and the Sun are causing disturbances between each other.  The Sun is ready to give off a great nebulous gas mass again, called ‘Coronas’.  It only takes a few days for it to reach Earth when it does occur.  They have seen these massive explosions upon the face of the Sun.  They will wipe out all of your computers in the year 2,012.  (Two thousand twelve)  Maybe even before that.  The Brotherhood of Light has seen this and that is why they have assembled to come forth.   

Where is your Life?  Is it bent upon your Religion or do thee live according to your means upon the Earth Plane?  The Economy of Mankind upon Earth, especially in America, is very, very negative.  Right now Earth is in turmoil, worldwide, of finances, caused by Man’s greed which is negative.  Can you stop it?  It has gone too far.  You cannot stop it.  For this Time of Being coming forth by the year 2,012, shall come forth great storms as I have said before to the Pacific and the Atlantic because of these changes.  The Polar Caps are melting wildly and it is understood.  It is not the first time it has happened, but it is happening again.  If these volcanoes come forth and explode putting forth a great amount of material into the Atmosphere, they call it a ‘Nuclear Winter’, … cannot see the Sun.  Without the Sun, you cannot live upon Earth.  This is what is causing your weather patterns of this Time of Being to come forth with Creation.  It is so.

San Francisco will be devastated yet in time to come.  Anchorage Alaska will have an earthquake very soon.  There shall be disturbances in the Azores; The Mariannas.  Into Italy, and Vesuvius.  The place you call The Berrien Straits will rise above the sea once again.  The Polar Caps that are melting rapidly, more now than ever before will cause your oceans to rise up to the maximum of  23 feet.  There will be many cities on the coastlines, all over the world, that will be devastated with water. 

And people say to I, Ashlem, “Why do you speak negative?”  I am not speaking negative.  I am saying what is happening upon your Planet.  It has been prophesized by many and many have made fools of themselves because they try to put forth Time Limits.  Even The Brotherhood cannot say what Time is, because Time has been created by Mankind... what’s going to happen of these things, nor does Spirit. Mother Earth doesn’t even know.   

And the Poles in the Center of your Earth are beginning to switch a little bit, moving the Poles another three degrees, causing greater disturbances in your weather patterns.  I have said three decades ago, that some places will be...they which have been desert will become plush lands, tropical lands, and some tropical lands will become desert as it has done once before, twice before and three times before.  I did not say these in the recording we made in the coming New Year because I did not want to frighten the People on Earth.   

The Brotherhood of Light is looking everywhere upon your Planet and into America also.  You will see them into your New York Harbor and you will see them where you have never seen them before.  It is written that you are here in this Time of Being, sitting here.  They have been monitoring your nearby electrical plants.  Many have seen them.  They come ‘like a thief in the night’ they say.  And their lights shine brightly and then they disappear, because they have the ability to cloak themselves and then move into another Dimension of Light.  You cannot see them.   But they have been the Benefactor of Earth for millions of years.  Now the changes are coming forth that will change Mankind’s Attitude about all things. 

Are thee prepared?  How will one be prepared upon Earth of what they are going to be and do?   I have given to thee The Message:  Universal, Impersonal Love.

Without it you are lost!  Spirit knows this.  The Brothers know this.  

Where are People going to be in that Year two thousand twelve (2,012)?  I have told People more than two decades ago to begin to learn how to grow foods and to store foods.  I even taught them how to store certain foods, for the coming forth of The FAMINE.  It is coming forth now, rapidly.  It is caused by Man’s greed, not yours, because you are here.  It is not your greed I am speaking of.  I am talking about they who will not recognize The Creation and The Force of Creation, The Known God   

I am saying this for thee to understand what purpose you have upon this Earth Plane:  Give Love to yourself equal to others around thee.  Your Life will begin to improve.  This has been taught by many other Metaphysical, Spiritual Teachers throughout the Earth.  They have not been wrong.  When they prophesized, they have been wrong, because they don’t know what they are doing, so that is why I, Ashlem, do not prophesize.  I say to thee what is going to happenWhen?  I do not know.  

The Brotherhood of Light, Monka, Ashtar, are busy into the two Quadrants upon this Quadrant of Planets of Earth, coming together to serve Peoples.  You see, there are other Spirits and other Peoples living in their own Dimensions of Light, clear to the Planet Pluto, but not ON the Planet Pluto. And in their own Dimensions, yes, there are Martians in the Fourth Dimension of Light.  You cannot see them, but they are living in their own cities also. 

Scientists are beginning to understand this, that Earth must have been some place before.  Mars must have been like Earth.  It is so, when it was in the Third Orbit.  It is now in the Fourth Orbit.  Soon it (Mars) will be in the Fifth Orbit and Earth will be in the Fourth Orbit.  But it has not ended.  Merely transformed its existence.  
It is Man... Kind upon Earth that is to be eliminated... by their own choices.  Think about what is going to occur.  Should you run helter skelter, screaming, “The sky is falling!  Sky is falling!”  You can do nothing about it.  It is too late!

A hundred years ago, could have been a turning point, but no one listened. 
It is not sad for The Brotherhood of Light, for they are looking at it saying, ”A New Child is being born in this Cosmos. A New Vibration of Light upon Earth, on that Planet called “Earth” in this Cosmos. They said, it used to be called ‘Terra’.”  Here is the Experiences of Being of Light.  So that everyone can understand...what the Purpose is.  I have told People a long time ago, to settle your scores in California.  Rid yourself of your indebtedness to the Material Plane.  Only a few have listened, but they who remain will find the Truth of what I have spoken.  I was not saying it to them to become negative.  I am saying it to them to find if their Course of Destiny is complete.  If your Course of Destiny is not complete, then move thee out of California so you can complete your Course of Destiny; which means, involvement of yourself with others on the Earth Plane, interacting, with different things and species of these Times of Being and be complete. 

The region that is called San Diego, California, will soon be affected and shake badly. You will feel this in Arizona, my friends. You will feel that tremor shaking, but not like it will be in San Diego and the Fault Lines there.  It has been said, ‘The New Madrid Fault running thru the Midwestern States of this Times of Being; it is over due to slip, and millions of people are living right on it! They don’t even know it is there.  It is going to start to tremor.  They will become frightened.  I do not, nor do the Brotherhood of Light know when it is going to slip greatly. 

Into the region that you call of Banning Pass, California, Idlewild as they call it, The San Andreas Fault is there already with a pressure of 41 feet pressure.  That means when it slips and ‘The Big One’ as you call it, comes, the ground in that area will move 41 feet.  (forty one feet) It is to happen.  Can you stop it?  Nay! But you can prepare yourself for this Life.  Arizona is a relatively safe place to live...not completely safe.  Some of the mountains will be shaken a little bit on the Fault Lines that run thru it. Where you live here, you will feel vibrations of greatness from the California Earthquakes.   

The Continental Shelf will begin to break off in the year called 2,011. (two thousand eleven)  Will you hear about it?  Will your government tell thee about it?  I don’t know.  The Continental Shelf is where the two plates meet; The Pacific and the North American causing a little bit of a rift and some of California will drop off into the Ocean as it has been prophesized by peoples before.  Not all of California.  It will change the coastline as it did before.  The place you call Baja, California at one time was into its total land.  There was no inner sea there.  It might come back again.

You wanted to know what is going to happen.  I have been giving to thee that which the Brotherhood of Light has been monitoring to know if it is going to happen and how it is going to happen. Yet we don’t know when it is going to happen. 

I have heard people say upon Earth, “Those poor people in Haiti.”  It is so...many people have ‘gone home’ as ye call it.  Many, many ‘souls have gone home’ as you call it.  Many Spirits rose forth.  Some of they, it was their ‘Course of Destiny’ to go home.  It was ended. For some, their Course of Destiny was disrupted and they will have to come back again to live it over if they were negative in the beginning!  It is compassion that you feel for these people, because it has not happened to thee yet.  And the American People have rushed forth saying, “Let us help these Haitian People.”  Did they say “Give thee your monies to them?”   The greedy agencies of their Government took most of it and put it into their pockets.   

Ethiopia... A great cry went forth because they are being slain by the Government of Ethiopia.  They say “Let us go forth to these people who are called ‘survivors’ and we are going to feed them.”   And the American People put out a great amount of effort to help these people, with Love in their heartsThat is Universal, Impersonal Love.  That is marvelous!  But the Government of that time did not let it go thru.  Not your Government, but the Government of Ethiopia.  So upon the shore, like you call ‘docks’, rotted the foods that you sent them, and they pushed it off into the sea.  Wasted!  $62,000,000.00 vanished!  (Sixty Two Million Dollars)  It did not get to the people who needed it, they who were being slaughtered by their Government because of Political differences.  Your monies are helping and will reach many peoples, it is so.  Then one would say, “Well I’m not going to give them any of my money.”  So be it!  There are they who will say, “I shall give what I can give to make it rise forth, and maybe it will help some child.”  That is good thinking!  Positive thinking!  That is Universal Love!   

But when all these other devastations I was talking about have come to pass, who is going to support them?  Those agencies will go broke, as it is called.  Love is a special commodity of understanding.  They will do alright in time.  But as you have said, many millions will pass and die.  Pray for their souls that they may not have to return into this Third Dimension of Light.

They may go on into another Planet into a Higher Vibration of Light to live a greater life of expectancy and Love.  Pray for the child who has just been born never experiencing of Life, for thru the Womb of Mankind upon the Earth Plane, comes forth, you call, ‘Young Souls’ who have never incarnated before or only a few times.  They have no Wisdom.  They may have Great Intellect, but ‘not a lick of sense’, as it is called.  You have seen them walking down the streets every day of your life.  Should we let them die?  Nay!  If we can help them, it would be wise to do that.  It is what this place and other places like it throughout the world should be doing.  Whether it is to be so or not is not the question at this Time of Being.  

Yes it is so.  The Ocean shall have great waves; waves you call rogue waves, they will turn sailing vessels upside down, because they don’t know that they are coming.  They are the Devastations Of Mankind.  This is what it is about.  No one can stop this because the Tectonic Plates are going to be still moving no matter what occurs.  Great mountains shall rise again and others shall fall below the Sea. 

 And Mr. (Edgar) Cayce when he was here, he prophesied that “into Nebraska, shall be a Seaport.”  And fools said, “But that is so foolish. How could Nebraska inland be a Seaport in the future?”  Then they discovered that the mountainous regions in that area that separate the oceans are sitting on a Schist Mantle and if the ground begins to vibrate, they will sink below the Sea.  This is what is going to happen. 

The Lassen area mountains in Northern California will begin to put forth molten lava.  How much I do not know.  You have seen Mt. St. Helens explode. Mt. Hood is next.  Is this negative?  It is ‘a Warning’, is it not so?  But who is going to heed this WARNING? They who live in the mountains?  Think of St. Helens. They were told, the people, to get off of the mountain.  One man said, “I’m not going to leave here. I’m not going to leave hear at all.  I have my house here.”

And he left a great explosion!  How simple can it be, in these Times of Being?  I have said to people, “Go Eastward from California into Arizona, into Texas...safer land where the Basalt Mantle is strong.  There are still fissures running thru all parts of the Earth.  There will be shaking of the ground, but if you’re going to live beyond 2,012 (two thousand twelve), that will be a safe place to be. 

If you are going to live beyond 2,012, then I would advise thee to get your money out of your computer, out of your banking, because you will lose it.  You see, it is the Sun Spots. It is not I, nor the Brotherhood of Light.  It is the ENERGY FROM THE SUN THAT SHALL BLOCK IT OUT, because it runs upon the Gamma Rays and other Rays that you don’t even know about.  It shall all be different than ever before. Yes, there is a Comet that is a Meteor that is coming towards Earth, but it will pass Earth.  It will cause a disturbance on Earth, but it will pass Earth.  It will not explode or hit into Earth.  

So I have given to thee, where should you live.  Live in your heart of Love because you can do nothing about the changes.  Positive Thinking brings Positive Direction.  Love eliminates many negative things, but it will not eliminate the Earth Changes called ‘Pole Shift’.  It will come forth and then a New Era of Life shall come forth upon the Earth and Man’s Glory shall be great! A New Vibration of Light, a Higher Vibration than ever before and Man will be able to live in what is called ‘The Seventh Day’, the ‘Thousand years of Peace’ that Man calls ‘Time’ of Earth circumventing the Sun.   It will come to pass! Shall you run from it and hide in the cellar?  Nay!  Stand in the SunLight!  Live your Life now!  Live every moment of Love and Peace, so that thee may be lifted!  I have given to thee the KEY TO LIFE.   

It is important to live it.  To depict each place in America of Earth Changes is almost impossible, but you will see it yourself.  Don’t run helter and skelter and see it.  Let us say, “I AM Ready because I love my neighbor, and care about my neighbor.  My neighbor cares about I.  We will huddle together while the roof crashes down upon us under the Mantle of Love. When you are lifted, you will be held into a suspended state of Life that you know nothing about in a Sensation of Greatness of One. You will not know anything has passed.  You will be changed in a ‘twinkling of an eye’ as it is said and you will be about 26 to 28 years of age as I have said many, many years ago, and placed again upon the Earth into that Dimension of Light that is upon Earth in a Higher Vibration.  We call it ‘The Seventh Day. 

If you don’t love each other, you will not be there, because Love will abound upon all things in The Seventh Day.  It is said: “Where the Lion shall sleep with the Lamb.”  Because the Lion will not have to eat anymore, it doesn’t eat the Lamb. That is the way Life is, so is Earth going to end or is Earth going to change?  Thought is the Vibration of that Consciousness.  

The sad thing about these Earth Changes is even Rome, Italy will be devastated.

Those old structures will come crashing down.  Into the Mayan, Machu Pichu, and into Pelee, into the great structures built thousands of years ago, that are still standing...many of they will disappear.  The Mayans knew this when they were building in the Nasca Plains many things would come forth.  They shall see some very strange things happening.   It was all designed for Man to look at when he had grown up to look into the sky.  When they set off the first Atomic Bomb, The Brotherhood of Light became aware that ‘the Children of Earth’ as they say, ‘found the matches and likes to play with the matches.’  Devastation.  You see, the Brothers of Light had gone thru that eons of Time ago in their Planets throughout the Cosmos.  That is why they are totally and greatly advanced more than you can even begin to think of in Vibrations of Light. 

In the Brotherhood of Light, there is nothing but Universal Love.  There is no need for negativity and people who will begin to see these vehicles in the sky, will say, “They are going to invade us and they are going to eat us.”  Do you think you are going to taste that good?  They could have eliminated Earth and all Mankind upon Earth millions of years ago.  Do not fear them. Yes, they have been experimenting with Earth because they want to see how far the Children have grown, and how their bodies have changed.  They have never taken the life of a Human. A Human has taken their own life by fear. But they have never taken the life of a Human. So we understand of this.  Benefactors.  Brothers and Sisters of The Brotherhood of Light have come forth upon the Earth to serve of Mankind in Human form and the Vibration of Flesh.  

Your precious Jesus was one of them. And the stories of these different Miracles as you call of them, they are not Miracles, they are happenings.  The Birth of Jesus was Immaculate. And His purpose for coming forth was to show thee  that, there is Life after Death!  There is Living everywhere, but only Love can get you there. ­­­­­Old saying is: “My Father’s Mansion has many roads that lead to it.”  And yet this brother here, he looks over and says, “What are you running down that road for?  It doesn’t lead nowhere.”  Then he finds himself into a sinkhole because he has not lived his life to be of Peace and Love. 

I have been doing what you call ‘Personal Readings’ for many, many years, thru Robert, and when I speak thru him, I have touched your hearts and your minds and your Beings.  It is not I; it is thee, who has made the changes in your Life because you became ‘aware.’ Because you desired to be a better person.  I merely started it for thee.  That is what Life is about.   

Shall we run helter-skelter when the ground shakes?  I would say, if you live in a block house, get out of the house.  It might fall on your head.  You may live and you may not live.  It doesn’t matter. You have much money into your bank accounts and so forth...I don’t want to lose it.  I want to live a greater Peace of Being.  You can’t take it with you, it is said.  Only Love can you take with you from this Dimension to the next. 
 That is the Lesson of This Day to come forth of The Light and that Creative Being within thee.  So you look at the one sitting here next to you in this beautiful Chapel.  See their Love in their heart and their Light of their Being and care about them with that Vibration of Peace.   

In the year 2,010, you will see great storms coming forth upon this Earth in the time that is called JulyHurricanes coming forth devastating the Eastern Coastlines.  It is not unusual.  It is stronger.  The wind shall cause great devastation into many places.  There shall be Tornadoes, where there have not been Tornadoes before. Where?  I do not know exactly, but this is the Turmoil of Earth and its patterns of living on Earth, caused by negative thinking, changing of the patterns of the energies, the Global warming as it is called.  Who will pay attention?  The Ozone Layer of Earth has been rent open for a long period of Time. The Sun’s Gamma Rays are bombarding the Earth, destroying many things causing great illnesses upon Mankind’s flesh. It shall continue.  I have said, “out of the Greed of Mankind, the thing you call Cancer, could have been cured a long, long time ago, but it has been withheld from Mankind, especially in America. It is a great ‘business’.  But they are going to release it now to come forth and to cure that nasty vibration. 
Mr. Obama...some people say he is evil; some people say he is ‘The Anti-Christ.’

I say to thee, ‘The Anti-Christ is within all Humans upon this Earth Plane. It is a NEGATIVE Energy, held in by Thought Creation. It is an ‘Attitude’, not a flesh body.’  That is important for people upon this Earth to know where that aggression is.  Continue to live your Life to the best of your ability. 

Soon to come forth upon America, is going to be the classic ‘Mark of The Beast’, they call of it.  It will not be imprinted upon your hand or your forehead.  A mark of the beast with the number 666 will depict the beast which is a computer. And the World Bank shall come forth very soon. It is not caused by Mr. Obama.  It is caused by ‘The Money Peoples’ of Earth.  It is caused because of greed.  You have already seen you have in your own purses now. ‘Rainbow Money.’   The new money will come forth with the Mark upon it, 666, and will be in the Serial Number which is relevant to the World Bank and to The Beast.  And ‘The Book’ says unto thee, if you have to take of this number upon thy Being, you align yourself to the Anti-Christ.  It is not so!  If you have to take of this number to exist and to live, there is no Karma involved with it.  If you chase after it, it takes thee into that negativity, does it not?  And you become part of it.  It is that simple. 

The Evolvement of Mankind upon Earth has been going on for many millions of years.  It shall continue.  And there shall be new Light… and new Love and new Life.  As I sit here in this Golden Hall of Wisdom and Knowledge and look at The Book of Life, no matter who you are, if you are here looking at this Book and you open the pages, you look at the writings, you will see it in the Language you are used to, because it is imprinted with Thought, not words.  The Book of Life.  Have you written yours?  What is the Life Force at this Time of Being?   

I want everyone here to bring the Vibration greater and stronger. I would love to hear the Aum.  Always it is a beautiful sound.  It is the Sound of Creation.  That is what it sounds like when Creation began.  So at this Time of Life, I say to thee, ‘Let us say The Aum.’  Begin it loudly please.   

(Everyone sings the Aum two times. Then Ashlem says a prayer in Tibetan.) 

I have said, ‘Let the Vibrations of Life and Love begin.’   Once again.  

(The beautiful Sound of Creation rings out once again)  Ashlem continues: 

“You have witnessed Time and Space of This Day.  You have witnessed your Greater Being Within thru that Sound.  You were born with it.  It radiates all energies into all Dimensions of Light and Sound and Being.  Love it!  Use it! Bring that Love in your heart and find a Greater Peace.  Don’t worry about your devastation.  You can’t stop it.  If your Course of Destiny is not finished, you will probably live.  If your Course of Destiny is ended, you will leave. You are going to leave for a better place than Earth. 

 I give to all, this Sign of Peace; my Covenant unto all. Of Thee Father and of Thee Son and of Thee, Thy Holy Spirit, that the Circle of God is within; never beginning and never ending and never to be separated from the Whole; and that, is Thee! 

It is written into your Book.  It is written into many things.  It is Life, it is Love, it is Peace.  Each of thee are Angels upon this Earth; believe it or not.  Be that Angel of Grace.  Find one person or two persons and give them Love that they may give two other persons Love and Peace.  Then it shall escalate in their Greater Being of Light.  Is it going to end?  Nay, it is just beginning.  Let it begin with thee.  Peace be unto thee, I take my leave.

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