During the Easter Season, we all anticipate great changes.  It is a season of holiness that has been brought into our awareness from generation to generation; for eons of time for that matter. We learned to accept this tradition from family members, friends, our churches, and from the Holy Books. 

Historians as well have written records and accounts of the story that is “The Greatest Story Ever Told.”  From beginning to end, as children growing up, learning the lessons of life, even into our latter days, we never seem to tire of the stories.

Sometimes the stories get re-arranged to make them more exciting, more believable, and the more intense the story, the harder we listen.  We take from it that which we remember the most, and we go out and tell our own version of that story.  And why not?  It sounds good.  So good, that we anticipate the expression of the receiver of the story. The more the receiver re-acts, the greater we enhance our story.  The Cause and the Effect.  The Cause is the reason and the Effect is the result produced by the Cause.  Now that action has taken place, a new thing has been created.  This new ‘thing’ is now our focus.  Will we let this newness live or die?  The choice is ours. 

Throughout the Easter Season, we remember the condemnation and cruelty which was inflicted upon One who, during His lifetime, gave of Himself without asking any return. He was loved and yet rejected, even  by those who professed to love Him. He performed wonders beyond human imagination, yet he was scorned.  He loved with  all of His heart,  and was spurned by those same ones.  He loved without condition without Judgment, without exception or restriction.  He loved with Universal, Impersonal, Unconditional Love.  Jesus continued on His Course of Destiny, knowing that it would lead to the Ultimate Sacrifice of Himself upon the cross.  He had a ‘focus’.  A grand focus.  To be One with the Father.  Where is our focus? What have we accomplished on our own Course of Destiny?  What action has caused us to be where we are?  Is it our Destiny to become One with the Father?  Is that our focus?  Our true identity is that we are a spiritual creation and it can never be changed unless we reject it.  Jesus provided us with the roadmap and it is our choice whether or not we walk the Path .  How long will it take us to choose?  Three days, three years,  three lifetimes?

Three days after the Crucifixion,  when Jesus arose in His heavenly body of Light, shining like the sun, it was to show us that Death is conquered and each of us is also that spark of the Living God!  Just like Jesus, we are a physical form created from the Light of God, living in a flesh body, expressing God!  We are capable of manifesting great love, using the Universal Laws of behavior.  The Father has many mansions or levels  of consciousness and there are many roads leading to His house.  They are not all the same, but different in many ways.  Some paths may be winding, some straight. All we need do is step into the Light and see and know.  Be all we can be in Love so that joy and peace surround us.  Let us see thru the eyes of God, the eyes of Love, and focus on the Glory of our Resurrection as did Jesus.  Therein is the newness of Life.  When a human being is connected to the Higher Truth of Spirit, then indeed she or he hears the Voice of God within.  Become Christed! 

Think no longer of the negativity of the Crucifixion, but focus on the Risen Christ in the Glory of the Ascension.  It is yours to claim for it is our Divine Birthright; our Divine Heritage.  This is the Divine Message of what followed the Crucifixion. LIFE AFTER DEATH ! This is our focus, our destiny, and our Faith, where all are One!  It is our choice!   

Christ did not die for our sins . He died because of our sins. The sins we commit against one another and the sins we commit against God! And when you know that God is in each and every one of us, how can you sin against  anyone? Jesus also died to show us that we live again.  That there is NO DEATH, but Life! What we know as death is really the beginning of new life!  Leaving behind the ‘old skins’ and putting on the ‘new skins.’  Being ‘born again’ simply means coming back. Why can we not remove the veils of antiquity and see with new eyes what Jesus was trying to show us. Life after Death! Let go of the Crucifixion and focus on the Resurrection… New Life!

Three days after Jesus ‘died’, he came back. Why did He come back?  To prove that life goes on and on and on.  To show us  how to ‘conquer’ death.  He told us He would be back in three days and He was and still is!  When we accept and know this, as did the thief know, who was crucified with Jesus, then we too will hear those words:   “Because you have believed, this day you will be with Me in Paradise!”     

@Lourene Altieri 4-9-2004



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