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Lourene Altieri Jurkovic

Lourene Altieri Jurkovic, called Karita by Heavenly Hosts, is the self-publishing author of the highly praised book, 'The World's Greatest Teachings'. Lourene was born and raised in Joliet, Illinois and now resides in Arizona.

Karita/Lourene has written many short stories, poems and articles in magazines and newsletters worldwide. She has been featured on radio talk shows and has taught classes at the Montessori children's school in Crest Hill, IL, as well as adult classes in Spirituality and Metaphysics.

Lourene has been involved in counseling, teaching and volunteer hospice work. She has given comfort to those who lost loved ones, and she has prepared many terminally ill patients for their transitions into another dimension of life. She has witnessed the Soul leaving the body. Many who have 'crossed over' have returned in spirit to visit Karita/Lourene. In Lourene's words, "This is my verification of life after death."

Lourene has been communicating with Heaven since early childhood.
For more information, email: worldglobalexpress@yahoo.com
Visit her website at http://www.worldglobalexpress.com

Pageonelit.Com: Where did you grow up? And was reading and writing a part of your life? Who were your earliest influences and why?

Lourene Altieri Jurkovic: I grew up in Joliet, Illinois, a small suburb about 30 miles southwest of Chicago. I was the middle child in a family of 8 children. I had the ability to read at the age of 2. All through school, my teachers were amazed at my knowledge, but they would get annoyed with me because my hand was always the first one raised to answer their questions! Rather than play with other children, I enjoyed reading and writing. I have been writing poetry since grade school. In fact, I used to write poetry for my girlfriends' to send to their boyfriends in the Service! People who have influenced me early in my life include my paternal grandmother, whom I dearly loved. She was my best friend. She always had open arms and a loving heart for everyone. I was also introduced to Reverend Fabian Donlan, O'Carm who invited me to attend his Catholic schools from 7th grade through high school graduation. He knew I wanted to know more about God, so he arranged for my tuition fees to be paid so I could attend. Jesus, of course, has been most influential. Throughout my lifetime, I have heard his voice and felt his unfathomable Love. I asked to know Him and His Truths, and He revealed himself and His Truths to me. He has taught me to love as he loves, unconditionally.

Pageonelit.Com: Tell us about your book "The World's Greatest Teachings".

Lourene Altieri Jurkovic: My book is a compilation of my true-life experiences and my own journey of opening to the higher consciousness. I have been allowed the gifts of being able to see past, present and future events. We are not alone in this universe of universes. I sometimes travel out of body and receive information telepathically from other realms of existence. These gifts have not been given to me to keep for myself but to help others. Understand that there is no death! We are souls/spirits of Light protected by flesh bodies continuously experiencing and expanding. When we leave our physical bodies behind, our Soul/ Spirit moves into other planes of existence and continues to live. We are immortal! We have forgotten who we are!!! It is time now to bring back the Truth. It is time to know that Truth is within each of us. God is in and of all things, including You and Me. God is the Force of Creation, and we are co-creators with that Creation. My purpose on this Earth is to enlighten others to that greater force of God within. I have been commissioned by Heaven to deliver these teachings to all people on our planet. Through these teachings from Heaven, readers will discover their own Truth within.

Pageonelit.Com: You say, "Living by the Golden Rule opens the Golden Door." Please explain.

Lourene Altieri Jurkovic: The golden rule is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". In other words, if you are of goodness and love, goodness and love will come to you. Goodness is of God, and God is Love. Another way to put it is "What goes around, comes around" or "What you live is what you get". Serve and be served; Love and be loved. YOU have the key in the palm of your hands to unlock that Golden door. What is behind that Golden Door? Your Divine inheritance! Knowing who you are, where you have come from and where you are going. The answers are in "The World's Greatest Teachings".

Pageonelit.com: You begin "The World's Greatest Teachings" by saying 'I was starting to wonder, at a very early age in life, what was I doing in this world?' - At what age was this and have you found the meaning that answered that question?

Lourene Altieri Jurkovic:Starting about age 6, I would climb the old walnut tree in my front yard to ponder life and my part in it. People around me weren't sharing and caring. I often wondered why I couldn't go "home" because I felt I didn't belong here. I looked at the stars every night and cried, "Take me home. I don't belong in this world! Why do I have to be here?!". I cried every day until the age of 17 when I heard an inner voice say, "Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone". The answer came from within myself. Now I know that I came into this world to teach Love and Peace, and to incarnate the being of mankind.

Pageonelit.com: The cover of "The World's Greatest Teachings" is beautiful - Who did the art work?
Lourene Altieri Jurkovic:The very talented artist's name is Corey Wolfe, who has done illustrations for Disney, Mattel, Time magazine, Pepsi, McDonalds, Jim Henson, Universal Studios, CBS, Warner Brothers and many others. Corey has the gift of clairvoyance, which is to say he is a visionary. The book cover was a vision given to me with the instructions that "(T)His Light must cover the Earth". The figures on the cover are my Master Teacher and me. As I began to share this vision with Corey, he became excited and said he could already see it, and he would send it to me via e-mail. I cried when I saw my vision…it was exact. Corey can be reached at www.coreywolfe.com.

Pageonelit.com: What do you hope to achieve with the book? What do you hope readers will take away after reading your book?

Lourene Altieri Jurkovic: a. What I hope to achieve with my book:

I hope to open the minds and hearts, the eyes and inner ears of mankind in order to bring Unconditional Love and Universal Truth to all. Once they have that understanding of Truth and Love, they will know Peace and Harmony and the Greater Truths that Love brings. I hope to give readers a greater understanding and enlightenment of the knowledge of who they are, and to teach them to release all fears. When they release their fears, allowing the flow of Love, then they will experience Peace and Harmony with Joy. I want to teach how worthy we all are through knowing our Divine Heritage and to open mankind to its divinity.

b. What I hope readers will take away after reading my book:

  • The understanding of how to create Heaven on Earth through Love.
  • The knowledge that the age of Enlightenment is here, and that it is time to learn how to connect to cosmic wisdom.
  • That life itself is an Illusion.
  • How our thoughts manifest circumstances in our lives.
  • That every person/Soul on Earth has a mission and purpose to fulfill.

Ultimately, I hope the reader will find his or her own truth. If there is one thing in this book that will help them, possibly a word or a sentence that would inspire or encourage them, and something has lifted their spirit, then I have served them. And it is for this purpose, and with love, that I do humbly submit that which is given to me from Heaven. I acknowledge that I am only the instrument through which a higher source experiences and expresses with love for all.

I am not the only instrument, for there are many on the Earth receiving messages from Heaven. If you are having similar experiences, this book will help you to know that you are not alone.

Pageonelit.com: What has been your feedback from readers?

Lourene Altieri Jurkovic: The feedback from my readers has been fascinating and encouraging! People have told me that they feel like they are living my experiences when reading my book. Others have said where once they couldn't accept certain things in life, they have learned how to grow with it. Many have asked when the next book is coming out?they are thirsting for more of this knowledge. However, there was one lady who had said, 'I love you dearly, but I just don't understand your book." (This statement, by the way, came from a very dear friend!) I replied by saying to her, "I love you too, and it's okay that you have your own truth. I accept you as you are."

More feedback on my website: www.worldglobalexpress.com.

Pageonelit.com: What's next?

Lourene Altieri Jurkovic: Another book! This next book will be about my past lives and out of body (OOB) experiences. It will include miracles, pictures, information about the changes of our Earth, wisdom from above the 5th plane of existence from Spirit, as well as visitations from those who have died. I will be doing book-signings, lectures, workshops, interviews and more writings.

Pageonelit.com: What was the last book you read?

Lourene Altieri Jurkovic: "If I Die…" by Michael Fleeman. I recently discovered a friend of mine was murdered. We lost track of each other many years ago. His name had been coming into my mind for two months, in August and September of 2003. My sister and I decided to look him up on the internet. We discovered he had been murdered. Ironically, a friend of mine had just read his book and saw his story on A&E television. When I mentioned his name to her, she shrieked, "I have his book!". I am now in the process of reading it. I believe my dear friend was influencing his name in my mind so I would know what happened to him. In December, he came to me in a vision. He asked if he could embrace me, and I assented. As we did so, the Light of God surrounded him. I felt this was a beautiful closure to my first teenage romance.

Pageonelit.com: Do you have any hobbies? What are they? How do they enhance your writing?

Lourene Altieri Jurkovic: I love gardening: I grow vegetables, fruit trees, and I have 36 rose bushes. I enjoy nature, birds and beauty. I also enjoy teaching. I hold meditation classes, lectures and workshops, and I have fun teaching my little grandchildren art. I also counsel people of all ages. I have done volunteer hospice work, in which I prepare people for their passing into the next life by showing them compassion and helping them to cross over with dignity and love.

Through these hobbies and volunteer work, I am able to express my feelings on paper, as in each of these I see the wonder and workings of God's creation.


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