Message from Ashtar

“We desire to speak to our people, to the Elect of God who have chosen and been chosen to come as volunteers from out of our midst to walk the Earth, to endure the darkness and the challenges and the problems, yea, the temptations; yet to stand and be ready when our call comes to them. We come to you in the vibration of Love and Light, sent forth from the upper heavens to penetrate the atmosphere of Earth and reach the hearts of all mankind. Yield not to weariness of spirit, but continue to watch for our coming and the fulfillment of all the dreams and hopes of humanity for a better world. It will come. Soon these days shall pass, and you shall stand in the beauty of your inheritance. Ashtar has spoken these words.”

At Council meetings of the Confederation of Planets, Ashtar represents Earth. He is a leader, chosen by the Christ Teacher to fulfill the Program of Light on Earth through the winged commands of the Great Brotherhood, bringing Light, Love and Truth.

"Delivering Messages of Love at the speed of The Light!"
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