"The Joyous Season is upon you. The Season of Harmony surrounds you. The Light of Love shines upon you, with you, in you and thru you. Beloveds take heart; for my Kingdom is come! It reigns upon your Earth. Bring forth its freshness daily, moment by moment. Live in this precious Light of Love; Peace, Joy and Harmony. Hear the sounds of Love, Peace, Joy and Harmony, and allow them to penetrate your being, that you may understand that which comes to you. In anticipation shall I greet you - with that of the excitement of a New Birth. The Bethlehem Star shines overhead, beaming its glories into you. The glories stream from afar and pervade your beingness. Heavenly Hosts sing "ALLELUIA" in the Grand Chorus blending their voices and their energies with yours.

Oh Beloveds! Rejoice in this night of the Light that comes into the world; for this Light brings forth the Day that never ends! Be you as excited children welcoming home the Father who has been away only as you think, but who has been always with you; living in the Temple of your Beingness. The Heart of your Soul. I AM. Open all the Treasures which I pour upon you, and find therein, the Greatest Treasure of all. The ONENESS OF BEING. THE SUPREME GIFT that enriches your life stream.

In these times, handle with care, all that is presented to you; for the Treasures are priceless. My Gifts I bring that you may enjoy the Abundance. That you may live, that you may love, that you may be happy, that you may enjoy our KINGDOM ON EARTH. THE HEAVEN, which is made ready for you. In the Presentation of these Gifts do you know my great love for you. In the rising of your vibrations do you know of our Ascension. The total compensation of MAN-DIVINE in conjunction with Mother Earth is Heaven upon her soil, which is no longer termed soil, but the NEW LAND OF LOVE. Know the conditions upon which I set forth my foot upon the Path of Light which you create for my Coming. Seek ye first MY KINGDOM WITHIN which is your Kingdom; that which we share. For we are the ONENESS OF BEING; sharing THE ULTIMATE LOVE, CO-CREATING YOUR DIVINE LAND OF LOVE.

In the Realm of Unconditional Loving, whether you know Me or not, I consider you My own and I share My gifts and My Life and My Love with you. BE AT ONE WITH ME!

I melt the coldness of the most hardened hearts with the flame of My Love. Gather round the TREE OF LIFE with all of its gifts and enjoy the beauty that I see in you! Gather unto yourselves My wondrous SECRETS that are within you. The Gifts, which I myself place at the feet of this TREE OF LIFE. Sing ye with joyous heart, the Song of Love that fills the MASS OF CHRIST.


Dearly Beloveds! I give you MY ALL. Why not take ALL of Me? Taste of the Goodness of the Lord and be filled in this Holy Season of Love; and as you taste, share with your Brother. Share with your enemy who will no longer be your enemy, but your friend in need. Share the child in yourself and know the child in others. FEED MY HUNGRY CHILDREN, and light the Way of Love, that all might know its beauty. I AM the Star, which shines brightly from the top of your tree. I AM the Vine and you are My branches, and I adorn you with the fullness of My Love and My Gifts. As you put on your CHRIST LIGHTS and you light all the branches of the TREE OF LIFE, the beauty of the glowing will engulf you in its glorious Light. For you, My Beloveds have adorned the TREE OF LIFE! You, yourselves, have created this beauty, which shines upon you! BEHOLD THIS CHRISTMAS FACE OF LOVE! This CHRIST MASS FACE OF LOVE which shines upon you, for you, with you, in you, and thru you .The Blessings of My Father, which is in Me, the Son which I AM, the SPIRIT which I give in overshadowing you, and the Mother which has birthed us; WE ARE ONE! You are my Christ Mass Face of Love. I AM YOUR CHRISTMAS - YOUR CHRIST MASS FACE OF LOVE!

Peace and Harmony of ALL THAT IS, in LOVE, be with you as this SEASON’S GLOW OF HOLINESS descends upon you. … I AM THE CHRIST IN YOU.”

@ (Communicated to Karita Lourene Altieri)



The Secret Gift of the Christmas Tree

I AM the vine; you are the branches.

Oh! Bless this Christmas Tree of Love, of Life, and its treasure! It holds SECRETS untold before now;
too numerous to measure! Listen in the silence of your heart. Hear the stories of old,
that this Christmas Tree of Love, wants so much to unfold:

“I have many gifts for you, my children, that are long overdue. What took me so long?
Why, I was waiting for you! I AM the Vine and you are my branches.
I have waited long to see you adorned. All you needed was to ask; to know that I wish you everything!
Why only one day of the year , do gifts you bring?

Did you not know that I AM your Tree of Life; of Love? I AM forever waiting for you.
Why do you come only once a year? My gifts are always here for you. Help yourself to all that you desire.
I will fill all your needs, your wants, your desires; for I wish to share my gifts with you.
There is always more for you.

You didn’t think I heard your whispers, or felt your warm tears? Not even a fleeting thought escapes my attention; for my Love for you is so strong, that I live in you, thru you and with you. You didn’t hear me?
Did you really listen to the Voice in the wind among your branches? Since I AM the Vine, the center of your Being, how could you not know me? We are One tree! You are my fullness, my living beauty! Listen!
Oh, my branches, listen to the Vine (Voice) within! I speak softly, so you must be still! Be still and know!

I will share all my wondrous SECRETS with you. Then, when you realize who you are, the Tree will be fully decorated in splendor. Now you light the lights, one by one, and our Tree grows brighter, but when all the lights are lighted, we will be the most beautiful… the grandest Tree in the World! The most Beautiful Star in the Universe; standing forth in Truth!

The Light of Love!
I now adorn you with Light of My Love, oh, Christmas Tree mine...as we share the SECRET GIFT…

“Behold My World! Behold My World full of Grace; for the hour is upon you!
Create this vision in your All-Knowing minds and behold the Glory of the Lord as He
cometh to you; swift as an arrow to pierce the heart that is swelled with Love...
releasing its fullness... easing the ache therein.
As clearly as you see this manifestation, so shall it be!
I AM your God of Love in you!”

The Light of Christmas

Bright shining Star of the night, What do you reveal in your Light?

The Earth below in slumber’s plight, is awakened by your wondrous sight!

 The Greatest Story ever told is come to Man on this night so cold.

‘Tis God’s Promise long foretold, revealing His Love, this Light so bold.

Can mortal hearts thy glory see, you are birthing the Christ into  Humanity?

God became flesh in a tiny baby – How might thy people come to thee?

For shepherds, kings and lowly too, the Light of Christmas shined,

O’er every field, in every land, in every heart and mind.

The Light that brought the greatest joy, shined on God, a Little Boy

While choirs of Angels did employ their songs of Love, He did enjoy.

 Oh Holy night, oh wondrous sight, live in our hearts and make us bright,

That all the world may be as you are this night, His Holy Christ Mass Light!!

Copyright@1994 Lourene S. Altieri Jurkovic





The Christmas Face of Love
@ DECEMBER 23, 1971 Words & Music by Lourene Altiery Gembicki


A Christmas Message
December 2008

It is Christmas Time All over the World.
Wonders of Love shine forth in Truth and
Gentlest Peace covers the Land.

Before the New Dawn, in fields of white,
The Silence of Night enhances Star Bright
Where the New Babe is born.

Wherever you are, follow that Star...
No matter your Path and find there a Love
Like no Mortal hath.

It is given to you; this Gift sublime,
To have and to hold
beyond the End of Time.

What is this Gift come from above?
The Word made Flesh,
called Eternal Love!

~ Karita


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