"AND I WILL VOMIT OUT OF THE EARTH, ALL OF ITS INIQUITIES AND NEW LIFE SHALL SPRING FORTH! A New Day is born and the Light of Life shall encompass the Earth. These things I seek for you, with you, in you, for you are the Light of my Life! I lead you to fresh waters to grow in abundance, all that is necessary for you in my Kingdom. In our Kingdom! I love you, my people. I shall not abandon you, for I AM with you always...all the Days of your Life. You are my people. I AM the Shepherd of my flock. I bring to you, joy unending. The joy of my life, for you are the joy of my life, the reason for my existence!

You are my breath...my living beating heart; my life, my love!

I AM yours and you are mine and we are ONE!

Know all these things and ponder them in your heart, for they are the Wisdom, the Knowledge, the Truth! And this Truth shall set you free! Free to live forever and ever in my Kingdom on Earth, as it is in Heaven! The Glory is yours! The newness of Life is in focus. See it, know it, claim it! It is my utmost gift to you. The gift of MySelf in your knowingness. The knowingness of who you are, where you came from and where you are going. It is not to be feared, for it will be given to you. Your path... your direction... the knowledge in your intuition. Your inner Being.”

(The Sacred Heart Speaks further): “And you shall conceive of all these things, for they are IN YOU, behind the Veils of Truth. If you ask, you will receive...all that you desire. All that you can become... All that you are! If you seek me, you seek yourself, for we are ONE! In the Spirit, in the love, in the flesh ...we are ONE!

Our love grows and grows. Our Light grows and grows and covers all those who seek also to be of the Light. Together the Lights grow brighter and brighter and are easier to find as they grow brighter. In sharing your Light, you share your Life in the Life of Christ. Your Christ Self! Your Higher Consciousness! Seek you now the Glory of the Resurrection, for it is not only My Resurrection that you seek, but your own! You are now coming into the Light of your own resurrection! The Glory of Self... in me, with me, through me, of God; for we are all of the same Source... the same Living Love... Yes, my people, my beloveds...you shall see the Rising Sun (Son)! You shall see the Glory of God! The Rising Kingdom is within you!

I love you! My Peace I give to you for all of your Days. I bring you that which is yours to claim. I acknowledge you before my Father, Who is your Father! Think ye no longer of the Crucified Christ! AS I have said: ‘ When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I acted as a child and I played with childish things... (as it is written). But Now Is The Time to put away childish things.... and to BECOME that for which you are destined. To claim the Glory in our Resurrection AS I Have Shown you... The Rising Christ in the Glory of the Ascension! So too, Know you now: This is yours to claim also! This is the time for the Glory of your Resurrection!

Peace, Love and Blessings to you!

In the Light and Oneness of Love +" (A Blessing) From Jesus, The Christ as spoken to Karita


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