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Ascended Masters of Light in the Spiritual Hierarchy are known by many names. They are called The Brothers of Light, Our Benevolent Space Brothers, Beings of Light, Angels, Extraterrestrials, Masters of Light, Guardians of Earth, The Brotherhood of Light, The BOL, Brothers and Sisters of The Brotherhood of Light, Space Beings, Interplanetary Travelers, Guides and Masters, and Cosmic Beings, Angelic Beings. They are members of The Intergalactic Confederation of Planets, keeping order in the Cosmos. There are many more names attributed to them, and they are Benevolent to Mother Earth and Humanity. They existed long before Earth was born. Their pictures were painted by a clairvoyant, retired Disney artist Celaya Winkler, to whom they appeared. It is our honor to share some of them with you.

They are Christed Beings of Light from Higher Dimensions of Reality with higher frequency vibrations of Light. They travel interplanetary, aiding those worlds in need, such as Mother Earth and guiding Earth into her planetary Ascension. These Cosmic' Beings also aid Humanity in its Spiritual Resurrection or Ascension, 'Rapture', also called 'Upliftment.'

The Beings of Light 'channel' information thru many people living on the Earth Plane. In other words, some dedicated individuals who are open to the Spirit Realm and are willing to aid in the raising of the Consciousness of Humanity and the Ascension of Earth and its peoples can be 'conduits' for the messages. They are called 'Channels'. Some are Angels on Earth who have volunteered to take on human flesh forms. You may or may not be aware of them and they might even be family members and/or Members of The Spiritual Hierarchy in your family group. Use great discernment in your knowledge of this.

Earth is not the only inhabited planet. There are many, many more planets like Earth in the endless Cosmos. The Force of Creation/God is ever expanding, without end, infinitely and is
The Pulse of the Universe(S).

St. Germaine - Incarnations of the Same Soul

Lord Ashtar
Leader of The Ashtar Command of The Intergalactic Confederation.
Cosmic Physician of Light, Ancient King of Atlantis, Egypt, India - Master of Healing.
Space psychologist. Works with Earth Psychologists and Psychiatrists.
Lady Clarion
Space Commandress, Spiritual Leader, Goddess, Planet Clarion named after her.
St. Germaine
Of the Universal Violet Transmuting Ray of Freedom, was Merlin, Sir Francis Bacon, Christopher Columbus. Appeared to Madame Blavatsky.
Leader Of The Saturnian Space Command - Planet Saturn - Head of Solar Council Tribunal Government.
Was Pythagoras, St Francis of Assisi of The Ancient Mystery Schools.
Head of Intergalactic Space Communications - Has Rainbow Ship - Can communicate 777 messages in different languages simultaneously - On Planet Kor in the binary star of the handle on big Dipper in our sky.
  ( There are many more than what we have here.)
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