The White Rose of Truth and Purity
"The Christ Rose"

The New Concepts for Man's Flowering

"In the serenity of my peace do I come to you my beloved; to bring to you the words that I myself speak, that you may in turn give these words to those who seek my Love, my Blessings, in All That Is in them through me. You are the writer of the Words which flow from your hand. The words which come into your ears from your Higher Self into the alignment of your heart. From the center of this heart where I live, I bring many Words to all. I AM in the heart of your soul. I AM in the heart of your being. You are my Living Word, my people. My Living Essence of Being...that which you are in me. I AM the Light of your world in you. You are my Living Light. You are my Living Essence. I AM your Energy, and you are my Circle of Love, manifest on the Earth Plane.

I bring to you Knowledge, Wisdom, Sanctification and Glorification. All these things are in you. You have not known these things in your world of today, for your knowing has been covered by the veil and it is time now to remove these veils. To enlighten you to the Words of the Wisdom from my Divine Heart. You are my Chalice and I pour into you the Sacred Words which permeate your being and allow your growth to your expression of myself in you! Know that I have walked with you through all of your Days thru eons of Time. I have been with you as a constant factor, guiding you, loving you, being in you, with you, thru you and all around you, tho you did not see me with your physical eyes. You have always had my inner vision. See with Divine eyes. See with my eyes. See me before you in all that is. In everything that is before you; for I have made all things.

I AM your Spoken Word. I AM your Truth which lives in you. We are the Oneness of Divine Being; Co-creators with God. My Words are strong and they hold much power for you. Be not afraid to understand that which I give to you, for it is all around you, and as you come into the awareness, absorbing, holding and knowing that which I give unto you, you will begin to express that which is given, with all the Love in your heart. With all the Love of your Being; for I AM this Love which is in you...and I love you! So much, that in these Words shall you feel the greatness of that Oneness of which we are. You will feel the depths of my Love in you and it will express through you, for it longs to touch every heart. Let my Love grow in you and thru you, that you may give it from one to another! Let this expression of Love flow into all that is...Into everything that is made before you. See this flow as tho it is a river of energy and Love, of freshness, sparkling beauty covering all in its path. Enjoy the freshness of the cleansing beauty of my Love for you! Taste of my goodness and know. Drink in the beauty of this Oneness!

Oh, my heart is filled with Love for you; unending and unconditional. No matter how many times you feel you have failed me...You have not failed me at all...for my Love is without condition. There is no greater Love than this! Have I not given you myself? Have I not given you my life? Have I not given you my Love? Have I not given you All That I AM? I reach out to you and I ask that you reach out to me, for I AM here within the confines of your heart! In your knowing of this Divine Concept will you find that Paradise with me. That Kingdom of God within, on Earth as it is in Heaven! In you my beloved children is the triumph of Glory! Open your eyes! Open your ears! Open your hearts! Receive this knowledge. Receive this Love which I bring to you. Receive this Divine Wisdom, for it has been written for you long ago, and you are now coming into this awareness. Do you not realize my beloveds, that you ARE ONE WITH ME? I and the Father are One. The Father lives in Me and I in He. I live in you and you in Me...and therefore, WE ARE ONE! There is NO SEPARATION! The only separation that has ever been there, has been a thin veil...Something that you could not see nor understand until now. I am lifting these veils for you that you may know...that you may receive, that you may understand this Divine Wisdom that you have always had! It has been with you since the Beginning, and it shall be with you for all eternity!

Harden not your hearts to my Words, my beloveds, but allow me to express my Love in you, with you and thru you, that all may become One Body with Christ; for you ARE my Living Body! I came into the World as THE LIGHT, and you knew me not, for you were in Darkness. I bring to you again, this Ever glowing Light which is my shield which covers you. You have grown and you have not known how you have grown. It is Time now for you to see your full growth. Each and everyone of you. You have grown, for the Light has given to you, its Energies. I share my Light with you and I ask you to share your Light with all; that the Light of this Love and growth may continue in its path of Progression...that it may cover all that is made for you.

As all is covered with My Light, it will open as a flower which begins to blossom; for the Life Force of My Words, of My Love and My Light have reached down into the depths of the seed which was planted firmly in the Earth. THE LIGHT HAS DRAWN FORTH THE LIFE FROM THIS STEM. From the roots into the stem...from the stem into the branches...from the branches to the buds...and from the beautiful buds into the Glorious Blossom! Can you understand my Words my beloveds? Hold fast to this Concept and know that which is yours. See the beauty and the Glory in the Totality of the Blossoming which brings forth that Beauty that I behold in you! For YOU ARE THIS FLOWER OF PERFECTION IN MY SIGHT! I enjoy your beauty! I AM your Jesus, come to show you the Way. I AM your Jesus, come into your Expression. I AM your Living God of Love! And I AM in YOU! YOU ARE MY DIVINE EXPRESSION! "

(Divine Wisdom as given to Lourene in Phoenix by Jesus, The Christ, to give to all his People all over the World. The year 2,000 is the year of Divine Love. Universal, Impersonal, Unconditional Love. Bless you)

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