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I do not question the Creator of All Things when he calls another of His children to come home. In days of my unawareness, I pondered and cried and sometimes even blamed God when I hurt inside.

Now when I look up as He lifts my face to His Light, and I see the Love in His own eyes, I understand. I surrender with all that I am, for what I gaze upon is more than I can fully comprehend. The mutual longing for Oneness dissolves in His arms as He lifts me and cradles me. He presses me to His heart and I willingly melt like a candle in the Flame of His desire.

He is my Creator, my Father, my Life and my Breath. I am with Him, in Him, and through Him, I have my being, and I AM. My life is His breath and He breathes me back into Him in Glory. I have not need or want, for I am filled to the overflowing. Do not weep for me, for my tears are no more than joy. My voice rings out the Melody of Love in your heart. My love lifts you beyond your imagination, and in your wildest dreams, you will see my beauty.

My wings are but the flight of thought and my crown is my Light of God's Love. My eyes see everything through the eyes of God, and my lips speak only Truth. I will touch you with the slightest breath of the wind and I will call your name in silent reverie. Listen to the whisper of silence. I am here and there and everywhere at once. I am free.

Look into the Dawn of every new day and see my crown of glory lighting the morning skies. Look into the setting sun and know that even as it sets, so it is rising. I am free! In all this wondrous beauty, how can you desire to capture me? How can you try to hold me back when I desire to fly free? Can you not love me as I am... Free?

My wholeness has just begun. I am perfect. Should the heaviness of your tears wet my wings, I cannot fly. If I cannot fly into Perfection, I surely shall die; a thousand times over. Do not hold me back with your grief and sorrow. Set me free that I may fly higher and higher, for there are many Mansions in my Father's house that I long to discover. Would you clip my wings and have me to struggle? I am impatient for my Father's House. He calls me.

His voice is pure. My Soul resonates to His calling and I wish to take flight. I am free!

I do not abandon you. If you would see as do I, through the eyes of Love, through the eyes of God, you know that I am with you even now. I dry your tears, but you weep them more. I sing you to sleep, but you can't hear me through your sorrowing. I touch your heart, but you do not let yourself feel me, for you have hardened yourself against what you think is your loss of me. Oh, but if you only could believe and know with all your heart, that I am not gone from you, but closer yet than ever before. If you would know and believe this, you could see my radiance and feel my presence. I could whisper to you and my sound would fill your heart, your mind and your soul with joy. Your pain would leave you and your sorrow would be no more. And I... I would be free to fly into Heaven's Glorious Light! I could go home and I would prepare a place for you.

Now that I am free, let me use my wings that I may soar like an Eagle. You, my loves, and you my friends, can give me that impetus to continue my flight, by saying, "I release you, my Love, my Dove. Fly into the Light of God, the Arms of Love, in Peace." Your prayers and your love will lift me higher and higher.

And I will find my Heaven, because you have helped me and not held me back. YOU have set me FREE!

I will shine as a beautiful Star in Heaven. Watch for me!

@2/22/1997 Written by 'Karita' Lourene S. Altieri


Speak to Me of Divine Love

Oh Divine Master, Divine Love... Speak to me.

Divine Love speaks: “From the depths of the Heart of Divine Love, do I speak to thee and to all my world. Amen. Amen. I say unto thee: This world ( as it now is) shall pass away, but my words shall live forever. With gentlest heart do I beseech thee to hearken unto my words... To surrender thy heart unto Divine Love; for above and beyond all things, does Love keep you and hold you.

My Love lifts your burdens, your heartaches and your sorrows. I live in you, with you, thru you and for you; for my Love is true and constant. Ever so constant ...keeping vigil over you. The strength in this bond of Love comes together in the sharing of mutual Oneness of Being. Links in the Divine Chain of Hearts , all beating as One Essence, pumping the Eternal River of Life thru the Veins of Sustenance, that nourishes the body of the Whole. I AM the bread of Life and the breath of Life. Be ye filled! Let the Divine Chalice of Love overflow in the vibration of high joy that shakes its very foundation! Drink this cup and be filled!

I AM Love in you!!”

@ Jesus/Sananda thru Karita



World in Motion

“The world is in motion. Everything on it and within it moves with perfect attunement, adjusting the vibrational frequencies of the electronic pattern that filters thru the ethers; permeating the very heart and soul of Humanity. It is a New Radiation...The Heavenly Balm pouring out of the higher realms in a last all out effort to heal the ‘wounded Earthship’ and all of its occupants.

The ‘Doctors of Divinity’ are strategically placed—positioning themselves into each their own area of expertise. They are well acquainted with ‘conditions’ of Earth, the world at large. They aid in this growth pattern of Expansion into the Higher Consciousness and Ascension of Humanity and Earth as tediously as does the mid-wife attending a precarious birthing process.

Giant beams of Light and warm energy are projected onto the Mother Planet (Earth) to keep her stabilized and “in tune” with the Cosmic Surgery she is being prepared for. Her moments of doubt come to a swift end as she views the readiness of the Steady Hand about to perform that “necessary surgery”. The birthing pains will soon be forgotten, for the joy of that which is birthed eliminates the need for remembering.

The All-Consuming Power of Love has conquered the Illusionary path of memory, and the Moment of NOW is ALL THAT IS!

BE ALL THAT IS, in this Moment and rise to this occasion. Roll with the flow of your World In Motion, that your journey will be smooth. Become One with this Momentum as it covers you; and as you are carried along... with gentleness shall you be lifted! You shall be filled! With Great Majesty shall you occupy your rightful place; wearing the Garment of the Beloved. Universes will look upon your Golden Radiance as you reach your intended destination, for you are... the Brightest Star in the Universe!”

@ Jesus/Sananda thru Karita



(Phrase) (Explanation)
New Radiation Higher Frequency Vibrations of Love and Light
Doctors of Divinity Benevolent Space Brothers of Light
Birthing Process Bringing Forth New Life
Cosmic Surgery Cleansing of Mother Earth
Steady Hand Hand of God, The Great Surgeon
Illusionary Path of Memory Illusion of Life
Be Lifted Ascend, be raptured, taken up
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