Karita Prays
Jesus The Christ Answers

He Who Dwelleth In My Heart - Confidante of My Heart

Karita prays: “As I sit here in a relaxed state, relaxed but tired I wish to come into the oneness of being with the spirit. And I do hold my channeling crystal in my left hand. I ask to know the will of god for me at this time and if there is a message that needs to be disseminated. I ask that I may hear it correctly.

I surround myself with the Holy White Light of God’s Protection and I bring down this white-gold ray of protection into my crown chakra. I see it as it goes through my body visibly entering into my very being.

This Light is encircling me and encompassing me. It is all around me so that I am well protected and those who are not of the Holy Spirit and of the light of God must leave to seek their own level and only those may come to me who are of the Light of God. I ask the violet ray and all the seven color rays of the Full Spectrum of the I Am Presence to engulf me, to surround me and to blend with me as I come into this attunement… to be one with my Jesus- Confidante of my heart.”

(Karita sits quietly with her eyes closed lightly, completely relaxed; aware of the beating of her own heart in rhythm with soft music of Dream Flight playing.)

Jesus Speaks: “He who dwelleth in my heart remains open to my words. Thou art such a person. I am enchanted by your song by the words of love which you speak for they flow like the rivers and the streams tumbling over the rocks, into the meadows which hold the little brooks and the streams of life giving waters.”

“Music to my ears. The song of a Beloved; a Beloved of Christ in whom I Am well pleased. I love you my lamp unto the world, my light shining in the darkness. Oh, how I love you. Blessed creature that you are, I love you. You are my lucky star. You do I follow far. You are my guiding light, my angel bright with gilded wings. I have designs on you. I prepare you for many wondrous things. Know in your heart that they will be accomplished through you, for I Am with you. I lead you on your path to glory.

Oh my tireless one! Overwork not this physical body at this time. for my needs are many from you. I seek to bring thee good news… to bring forth from your lips ‘the words which will incarnate the being of mankind.’ In this report you will give what you hear in Truth for my sake.

You have weathered many storms. You have crossed many oceans. You have climbed many mountains; and yet you seek to climb higher my precious one. And it pleases me to know that there is no end to your reaching… for there is no end to my giving to you. All that you seek shall be yours and then some, for I Am well pleased in you. Worry not over the words. Let them flow and let them shine like diamonds in the night sky. Let them be guides for you, for as you are guided, you will learn and you will teach and guide others in the same manner, which is from me, the God who lives within you.

Let these words burst forth as the blossom on the budding rose, for they hold the beauty of the adornment. You seek to please me. You seek the will of my Father and it is accomplished in you, for you are blessed. Continue to seek in your strides and your efforts. The Path will become easier to attain this Knowledge. You have a time forthcoming very soon in which you will be open wide to receive and to know all that is to be given to you. You will know the direction of your path as it is willed and yet remember your free choice. You are never held or bound by that which you feel that you cannot do. Seek within the depths of your heart and bring forth the strength, the wisdom, the courage and the knowledge to bring forth out of these depths, that which is meant for you. The incoming rays of Divine Wisdom will be your guide. “

“You will understand and you will know what is being given to you, for my ways are simple. My Truths are simple. They are not flowered to be easily lost in the flowering, but they are beauty in simplicity. Uncluttered Truth. Bring down this Power of the Spoken Word. Bring it into the minds and hearts of all others.

Seek after the Divine Wisdom and it shall come to you, and remember the words, which you have known for so long and loved. ‘Come Holy Spirit... Enkindle the fires of Divine Love into the hearts of thy faithful. Bring forth thy spirit and they shall be created and thou shalt renew the face of the earth. My blessings are upon you.”

Karita Speaks: “ I am seeing a beautiful rainbow of brilliant colors in my pyramid – inside of it – very bright rainbow colors. And I seek to close my eyes and go to sleep that I may be taught in my visions and my other consciousness – called the state of sleep. Thank you my Jesus. I love you. I praise you and I thank you for your great glory, for there is none like unto thee.”

~ Karita & Jesus Sananda

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