(Before beginning your Meditation, always remember to surround yourself
with the Holy White Light of God's Protection.)

Prayer of Protection

" I surround myself with Light and Love; the Christ Light of Love and the Christ Light of Protection; that only good may come to me, and only good may go from me. I ask for this Protection and I accept it in the name of Jesus The Christ. I know it is done and so it is done with every beat of my heart. Amen"


Sit quietly in a place where you will not be disturbed by noises of any kind that would distract you. Remove your shoes and any tight clothing that binds you for this is a time for freedom of mind, body and spirit.

Find that perfect place that is your moment of peace. The scent of candles and soft background music relaxes you from head to toe until you are so relaxed that you become aware of your own breathing. Breathe deeply and slowly, then let it all out slowly. Notice the rhythm of your heart beats. Slow them down slightly. Your eyes are closed lightly.

If you fall asleep, it is all right. Try to Meditate on a daily basis at the same time. As you form a habit of Meditating, it will become easier to do and you will not fall asleep. Begin to visualize beautiful flowers along a path that winds around a little pond of crystal clear water. Birds are singing in the surrounding trees. Butterflies are flitting from flower to flower drinking in the nectar. Bees are collecting honey here and there from the flowers.

Now while you are still seeing your peaceful place, imagine the soft sounds of the song of the birds. Hear the sounds Of the flowing water as it trickles over the stones in your pond, making little bubbles in the water. Hear the soft breeze whispering thru the trees, and feel its slight movement as it caresses you ever so gently.

Soft pillowy white clouds are floating above you as you rest beside your pond. You can see them reflecting in the water as they drift so slowly away. Imagine how many more sights and sounds and feelings and aromatic scents are enveloping your total being. Become aware of all things in your surroundings in your wonderful, Moment of Peace.

Now ask your favorite Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide to come and be with you to enjoy that which you have created. Have an enlightening conversation with him/her just as you would with one of your loved ones. A Confidante of your heart. Remember that all in this Moment of Peace is beautiful, uplifting and positive.

It is time now to slip your bare feet into the pond, feeling how refreshing it is. If you so desire, steep your body in the water and feel the crystal clear energy cleansing your entire body, mind and spirit. After your cleansing, step out of your pool of water and rest beside it. As you look into the water, see the new you, looking back at you in your new Radiance.

Love yourself and love your new image, and remember how beautiful and wondrous you are.

How great thou art!

End your Meditation with a joyous prayer of Love and Gratitude.

@Karita 2009

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